main thing - to find the cause!

Just take the first available means of baldness is meaningless.First of all, you need to install, from what hair began to fall, and only then take action.It is worth paying attention to the fragility of the nail, which is often a companion of hair loss.You can hand over a detailed analysis of the blood, which may indicate a lack of an important element in the body.The reason can also be a nerve disorder, rigid diet, environment, certain medications, poor quality hair dye and shampoo wrong. interesting fact is that trigger hair loss can start birth control pills or even their cancellation.

What pills are recommended for hair loss?

popular modern remedy for baldness - capsule "Nutrikap", composed of trace elements necessary for hair - silicon,
sulfur, zinc, which help to reduce hair breakage and stimulate new growth.

Tablets "Vitrum Beauty" - is not contraindicated in men, but women are ideally suited, because they contain essential amino acids and trace elements, particularly effective for the restoration of the density of women's hair.

tablets hair loss "Rinfoltin" made on the basis of extract of saw palmetto berries, aimed at reducing the human body toxic hormone dihydrotestosterone, the excess of which is often the cause of male pattern baldness.

hair to grow "by leaps and bounds," often the yeast is introduced into the mineral complexes.For example, dragees "Merz" contains the yeast extract, which favorably affects the hair roots and gives the necessary active ingredients to the scalp.

Hair loss can be the result of vitamin deficiency, and use of special vitamins often helps to solve the problem.For example, the tablet "Fawlty Pharma" - fortified complex that stimulates hair growth and improves blood flow to the scalp. poor condition of the hair in nursing mothers easily remedied by setting up a proper diet and vitamin complex propyl.

not despair and believe in success!

The most important thing at the first signs of hair loss - not to raise panic and not to self-medicate!Receive "reds tabletochek who helped a neighbor" can lead to undesirable consequences.Only a doctor, after analyzing all chronic diseases and characteristics of the patient, will be able to choose effective drugs that will help to get rid of hair loss.