Apply concentrate "Dimexidum" undiluted smoking - skin will get severe burns!It certainly is diluted.Most often, one part is diluted with three or four parts water.
Light, 10% solution prepared with inflammation delicate skin, mucous membranes.He rubbed his face to bring pimples, blackheads.For burns apply compresses with 20-30% solution.For the treatment of boils requires 40% solution.Bruises, erysipelas, trophic ulcers treated with 50% solution.A 60-90% solutions prepared with eczema.
to compress soaked in a solution of sterile cloth is applied to the treated space, capturing the healthy skin.If necessary, pre-lubricated skin bene
ficial agents such as "Dolgitom" "Voltaren" or "Fastum gel."From above impose a polyethylene film and a warm cloth.Read the wrap about half an hour.
application - the same wrap, but it is removed before ten minutes or fifteen.The concentration of the solution and the duration of treatment with compresses and applications "Dimexidum" determined by the physician.
For colds, SARS, bronchitis, cough is effective such a composition: 2 ml of concentrate to add 2 ml of solution "Mukolvana" and "aminophylline", add 8 ml of water.Saturate the cloth with a mixture and put it on his chest, to the right of the heart.Cover the patient warm blanket.Remove the wrap in two hours or three.
When sinusitis 20% solution soak three napkins.One lay on his forehead, the other two - in the maxillary sinuses.Cover them with polyethylene, warm cloth and lie an hour and a half.This procedure is performed in the morning and evening for 3-7 days.
to treat arthritis, prepare 50% solution.Daily apply compresses for 1 hour for 15-20 days.If severe joint pain, to 30 ml of concentrate, add 50 ml of 2% solution of novocaine.Compresses made with 50% gel "Dimexidum."
In many women's diseases used vaginal swabs soaked in a 15% solution (1: 5).You can add a vial "Lydasum" or aloe extract or antibiotic solution.Use and vaginal suppositories "Propolis-D."But treated with drugs containing "Dimexidum" should only be prescribed by a doctor!
to stop the development felon, apply compresses with 20% alcohol or vodka with a solution to a sore thumb.And then immerse it in a warm (40 degrees) manual tray.
«Dimexidum" removes bruises and sealing after multiple injections.The concentrate mix in half with alcohol or vodka, and then dilute the mixture of 1 part 4 parts water.Usually enough 5-6 compresses, plaster and secured for the night.
the treatment of skin, mucous membranes gel "Dimexidum" use only 25% drug.In less sensitive areas of the body rubbing a 50% gel.With eczema, streptococcal, strong bruises compresses more effective with a 50% gel.
Issued and ointments "Dimexidum" concentration also varies from 30% to 70%.Apply them as gels, gently rubbing the sore area.