Many well-known fact that the co-use of alcohol and drugs negatively affects the human body.And it does not matter what kind of fortress alcoholic beverages: spirits such as cognac, vodka, whiskey, or less alcohol - beer, wine, liquor and other.

Reactivity drugs

In today's world there is a huge amount of drugs, and they interact with alcohol in their own way.It is for this reason that is difficult to describe the interaction of drugs with alcohol.Taking one of the tablets together with alcohol, you can not see anything wrong in being.The other tablet can, on the contrary, a negative effect on the body and even lead to death.

There are several forms of interaction between alcohol and drugs, namely:
- antagonism;
- violation of digestion and
metabolism of drugs;
- for side effects;
- manifestation of intoxication.

known that alcohol is eliminated from the body within 48 hours.Complete cleansing of the body takes place during the week.Because such a large output gap alcohol advisable to say that it is not necessary to take pills together with alcohol.The drug can be taken, and a few days before the use of alcohol, and as a result may have negative consequences.

Taking alcohol together with pills, you must take into account the period of time the output of drugs and alcohol from the blood.

Examples interaction

Simultaneous administration of paracetamol and alcohol leads to the synthesis of toxic substances in the body and the gradual destruction of the liver.Ascorbic acid by reacting with the alcohol out of the body's own previously synthesized compound, which becomes the cause of heart disease.

gastric bleeding, worsening of stomach ulcers, inflammation of the mucous - the consequences of the simultaneous adoption of aspirin, or acetylsalicylic acid with alcohol.Hallucinations, respiratory arrest and even death - is the implications of alcohol together with drugs, analgesics.Vomiting and gastric lesions is an immunomodulator izoprinozin, RFQ alcohol.
Hormones in the use of alcohol to lose its effect, and there is a risk of pregnancy.

Preparations long course of treatment generally considered loyal to alcohol, but it must be borne in mind that combine them with alcohol can be rarely and cautiously because there may be some side effects.For example, from the RFQ alcohol Cavinton intensify the effect of alcohol.Losap designed to lower blood pressure, do not show the desired therapeutic effect despite the fact that patients who experimented on themselves, say, if such a combination of high blood pressure recedes.

But Nospanum reduces the effects of alcohol on the body and prevents its absorption.Similar actions and absorbents such as activated carbon, etc. POLYSORB. Diabeton tolerance to alcohol and novonorm, drugs that regulate blood sugar levels, although doctors still warn of the danger gipoglikomii, it is known that alcohol-containing drinks can enhance the action of the tablets.For example, so it behaves konkor.In the process of treatment, you should not drink alcohol, their combination has a devastating impact on the already weak heart people, myocardial and restore using this medication.

fromilid Antibiotics should not be used within 8 hours after the feast, otherwise it will cause tachycardia, and severe allergic reaction that can occur, and shortness of breath and suffocation.

Summarizing all the above, we can say that the simultaneous acceptance of drugs and alcohol does not bear a positive impact on the human body.On the other hand, can provoke side effects and even cause death.