drug under the trade name "Nise" is available in several major dosage forms: in the form of granules, suspensions and tablets.Each dosage form has its advantages and is assigned if it is able to provide the best therapeutic effect on existing symptoms.

Appointment preparation "Nise»

drug "Nise" is used in the complex therapy of patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including such as rheumatism, neuralgia, post-traumatic complications of the system of the human body and the like.However, it should be borne in mind that the actual effect of the drug is focused to a greater degree of treatment causes disease, and eliminating the unpleasant symptoms such as pain and inflammation at the site of injury.Therefore, doctors often prescribe "Nise" simultaneously with the
use of other drugs that affect it in the cause of the disease.

Possible consequences of receiving "Nise»

Because the drug is sufficiently potent tool, taking it, especially in the case of exceeding the dosage recommended by your doctor can lead to the onset of certain side effects.The possible negative consequences of receiving "Nise" are a group of symptoms manifested by the different systems of the human body.So, from the gastrointestinal tract the drug can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, and even the appearance of sores on mucous membranes.

the part of the circulatory system may experience symptoms associated with a change in the composition of blood.For example, the drug may result in a reduction in the number of platelets, white blood cells or granulocytes, as well as reducing the level of hemoglobin in the blood.The use of this medication can cause a disruption of normal blood clotting, which entails an increase in bleeding time in violation of the integrity of the skin.In addition, "Nayz" may be the cause of the patient's blood in the urine.

Finally, taking this drug can cause a series of non-specific symptoms, reflecting its overall negative effect on the body in a particular case.For example, the patient can feel headache, dizziness, be subject to the appearance of swelling or allergic reactions.In all these cases, as well as the appearance of other unpleasant symptoms after taking the drug, you should seek immediate medical attention that he has identified the true cause of their origin and, if necessary, stop taking the medication.