main components that make up korvalola are menthol, phenobarbital and ethyl alcohol.Each of these substances has special properties, and the drug is considered to be universal in application, but drink it for a long time is not necessary.Ethanol has antispasmodic effect on the body, calms the nervous system and reduces psychological stress.Menthol different property of rapid expansion of the blood vessels.Phenobarbital has a sedative effect on the internal organs, thus sparing the body from pain. Phenobarbital is a part korvalola in small quantities.Read the preparations of narcotic drugs incorrectly, but it must be applied with great caution.

studies of the drug by physicians indicate that Corvalol can be not only useful but also harmful to the body.There are a number of serious negative properties korvalola related side effect of its components.Ethyl alcohol, for example, highly addictive organism.According to doctors, if you abuse these drugs, drink for a long time, the person he would like to influence of synthetic drugs.Furthermore, ethanol can be used only in minimal doses.Otherwise, instead of fighting with insomnia occur the opposite effect of sleepiness and physical weakness.

Peppermint oil, which is part of korvalola, is not always useful.In excess doses it can cause disruption of certain systems in the body and cause constipation.In people with individual intolerance to this component may cause allergies.In rare cases, doctors categorically forbid patients to take Corvalol recommending replace it with the same drugs.For example, valokordin cope with disorders of the nervous system better than its rival, but it does not contain pentobarbital.This drug can drink instead korvalola, but combine them in any case impossible. Corvalol has only a temporary effect on the body.The drug is able to calm the nervous system, but to eliminate heart disease can not.Stabilization of health should not be a reason for not testing.

Side effects korvalola

Corvalol should be consumed in strict accordance with the instructions.If you exceed the dosage or too frequent use of it can cause serious complications.The most common of these are the memory disorder, speech disorder, general physical weakness.If, after receiving korvalola the desired effect does not occur, then it is likely that your body is accustomed to the drug.In order to prevent the harmful effects of this method of treatment for some time should be abandoned.

Quite often the publication drug treatment, where doctors have expressed the view that Corvalol - a real drugs.Reviewed by the doctors should take into account.However, these conclusions are generally only given the fact that recently, phenobarbital, which is part of korvalola, the Russian government has made to the list of psychotropic substances.