Composition and pharmacological properties' Normobakta »

called Probiotics are micro-organisms necessary for the normalization of beneficial microflora and to inhibit the growth of pathogens.The substances that nourish and stimulate the growth of probiotics, prebiotics are called.Because probiotics in the "Normobakta" includes bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.Their combination allows you to create an environment in the intestine, which killed many pathological microorganisms."Normobakt" is produced in the form of powder, packed in bags of 3 g One packet contains strains of live bacteria (Bifidobacterium BB-12Y, Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5) in a ratio of one to one.

Optimal combination of probiotics and prebiotics extends the life of beneficial microorganisms, helps to quickly and efficiently bring back to normal useful flora in the gut.These properties al
low the use of "Normobakt" dysbacteriosis in children and adults.Beneficial bacteria in the required amount prevent the penetration of microbes in the upper gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs, protect the intestine against pathogenic bacteria, contribute to improving the processes of absorption in the intestinal walls of vitamin D, B, K, ions Fe, Ca, reduce the side effects from takingdrugs, antibiotics, strengthen the protective function of the body.

Instructions for Use "Normobakta»

«Normobakt" take with food.Content bags can be taken in its original form or pre-dilute it with yogurt, juice, water or milk.It is impossible to dissolve the powder in hot water (above 40C).When dysbacteriosis adults and children over the age of twelve in the day to take the contents of the two bags for 10-14 days.Children aged three to twelve years, give the drug in an amount of 1-2 bags a day for children from 6 months to be given the drug in an amount of 1 sachet a day with food for ten days.

«Normobakt" showing resistance to a wide spectrum of antibacterial drugs, so as a preventive measure it is necessary to apply simultaneously with an antibiotic.After completing the course receive basic drug "Normobakt" need to drink for another three or four days.It should be understood that the BAA has no therapeutic effect and only activates and improves the natural functions of the body."Normobakt" helps if the goiter is caused by taking antibiotics, poor diet and other non-infectious causes.If the cause of dysbiosis - the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms, the tool can only be used as an auxiliary product.Data on side effects "Normobakta" no.The drug is contraindicated in detecting sensitivity to the components."Normobakt" should be stored at a temperature no higher than 25oC in the dark place.Shelf-life vehicles - three years.