Open the package and carefully read the instructions for use of the drug and its formulation.It is composed mainly of raw materials having a vegetable origin.For example, it includes extracts of the leaves of barbed capers, Western cassia, yarrow and chicory, and fruit extracts dioecious tamarisk, black nightshade and chebuly terminals.In addition, the composition of the medicament in the small quantities of auxiliary substances, such as magnesium stearate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose and others.
Determine the reason why your doctor has prescribed the drug.Typically, doctors prescribe it to patients who have certain liver diseases.For example, "Liv.52" is used in the complex therapy to treat hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis.Furthermore, it can be assigned to
one of the prevention of these conditions and for the treatment of anorexia.This dosing regimen of the drug will vary, depending on what the cause of his appointment.
Determine the desired dosage of the drug.In all cases, it involves the use of reception "Liv.52" inside, but the dose required in each situation will be different.Thus, for the prevention of dysfunctional liver conditions recommended to take the drug twice a day, and during each reception need to swallow two tablets.Thus, for use in prophylactically one package "Liv.52" will be sufficient to provide 25 days of continuous administration.
If it comes to treating one of the pathological conditions, frequency of administration and dosage can be increased, depending on the state of health and other characteristics of the patient, for example, the mass of his body.Thus, if the "Liv.52" designated as a medicament, its frequency of reception may be up to 3 times a day, while during the reception of each patient may be advised to swallow 3 tablets.
Take the right amount of packaging of tablets and take medication.The drug should be accompanied by zapivaniya water.In addition, to reduce the possible negative effects on the gastrointestinal tract, some experts recommend to combine the use of "Liv.52" with the meal.For example, if you need to take it twice a day, you can do it for breakfast and dinner.And with triple reception can be combined with breakfast, lunch and dinner.