Today drugstore chain a lot of different drugs.But few of them have any therapeutic effect.Most drugs are phony and do not contain, in fact, no medicinal properties.
As a rule, to prove the effectiveness, drugs undergoing clinical trials.Such tests can last for decades, so they are disadvantageous to the manufacturer.So began to appear unproven drugs with pharmacological activity.
Currently, all antiviral drugs are divided into five major groups: interferons;interferon inducers;nucleosides;adamantane derivatives and herbal drugs.
One of the most popular and effective are considered adamantane derivatives.These are well-known drugs as "Arbidol", "Rimantadine," "Amiksin."
"Arbidol", being the drug of therapeutic and preventive action, has antioxidant and i
mmunomodulatory properties.This drug has virtually no side effects, only in rare cases cause allergies.According to the latest World Health Organization has recognized its drug with proven efficacy.
second most popular at the moment, it is believed the drug "Kagocel."This means the main active ingredient is the sodium salt of interferon.The drug has been found quite effective, but only if it does not start taking after the fourth day after the onset of the disease.
TV also often touts one of the new antiviral drugs - "Amiksin."Unlike most lekarstvv, he has already appeared on the market 40 years ago.It has high efficiency and strong antiviral activity.But few know that the drug was banned because of its side effects.Tests have shown that the drug in 80% of patients caused separation of the retina and liver lipidosis, which led to irreversible consequences.
At the moment, doctors believe that the damage to the body of existing antiviral drugs is greater than the benefits.Clinical trials have shown that the human body with the penetration of the virus into it begins to produce its own antibodies after three days.Accordingly, the patient's condition improves.So does it make sense receiving antiviral drugs, you decide.