«Otipaks" for the treatment of otitis

Ear drops that are used for otitis media, divided into 3 groups: antibacterials ("Otofa", "Normaks", "Fugentin", "Tsipromed"), combined meanscontaining glucocorticoid ("Sofradeks" "Anauran" "Garazon" "Polydex" "Dexon") monopreparations, which include NSAIDs ("otinum" "Otipaks").

«Otipaks" is a combination of lidocaine and phenazone.Lidocaine has a local anesthetic action.Phenazone is a non-steroidal agent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.The combination of these components leads to faster onset of analgesia and increases the time his actions.Used as the filler contributes additional ethanol disinfection meatus.

Pain relief comes in the first 2-3 minutes.Anti-inflammat
ory effect "otipaks" appears in 2 days.The drug has no effect Valium, it has no age restrictions."Otipaks" is used 3-4 times a day for 4 cap.into the ear canal.Allowed to lay in a sick ear turundy 2 hours.The course of treatment should not be longer than 10 days.

«Otipaks" is the drug of first aid otitis, especially in children at an early age, as you can quickly get rid of the excruciating pain.The drug belongs to the OTC and approved for use even in infants.Disadvantages "otipaks" include the lack of local antibacterial constituent.The drug should not be used during perforation of the eardrum.

Features of use "Sofradeks" with otitis

into "Sofradeks" includes antibiotics and corticosteroids, and the drug has a pronounced anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.However, the drops do not contain an analgesic, so will not help get rid of the pain.The drug is used for the cap 3.4 times per day.Duration of therapy should not exceed 7 days.

Application "Sofradeks" can cause side effects, which are manifested in the form of local allergic reactions (itching, burning, pain in the ear canal).The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, newborns, patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency.With caution should be used to treat young children.Choose the required drug must physician, based on the evidence and the severity of the disease.