Top medications for high blood pressure

One of the drugs for high blood pressure is called the "Verapamil".Its release capsules, dragees, tablets or injectable ampoules.This medication helps to reduce the tone of blood vessels.Moreover, it improves the oxygen supply to the heart and nutrients.The effect of this means is to reduce the heart rate and blood pressure.The doctor individually for each person is assigned a specific dosage means."Verapamil" and has side effects such as allergies, vomiting, constipation, edema, dizziness and fatigue.The drug can not be used for pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with low blood pressure.

Another effective medication for lowering blood pressure - "Nifedipine."Form release agents - tablets,
capsules and injectable solutions.The drug affects the tone of blood vessels, reducing it improves blood circulation of the body.To reduce the pressure of the drug gives a wonderful effect.Use it in a prone position.The tablet is placed under the tongue.

Often people with hypertension are treated by means such as "Captopril".The medicine is available in tablets.The drug helps to reduce the strain on the heart.The advantage of the drug is that it can be used even for diabetics and newborns.Experts recommend to use vehicle together with nitrates.

Also, doctors often advise people with hypertension treated by means such as "Enalapril", "Losartan", "Clonidine", "Methyldopa," reserpine "," Raunatin. "

reasons for high blood pressure

Blood pressure depends not only on the heart rate, but also on the diameter of blood vessels.Experts identify a number of factors causing hypertension.

One reason for high blood pressure may be a genetic predisposition.People who have relatives with hypertension, the most vulnerable to the disease.

Another reason for high blood pressure - stress.Stressful situations adversely affect the cardiovascular system.Increasing the chances of getting high blood pressure, if the stress is accompanied by smoking or alcohol abuse.Once a man has reached the age of forty, his chances of getting high blood pressure soar.Women are particularly at risk of high blood pressure after menopause.