It is very important that zinc has remarkable antioxidant properties, blocks the action of free radicals, strengthens the immune system.It is often added to the vitamin complexes designed to recover from colds.
If a woman wants to be beautiful, it should definitely buy a complex with zinc.After all, this element promotes increased hair growth and regeneration, eliminates acne, normalizes the sebaceous glands of the skin.While taking zinc nails stop stratify, break and become healthy.This is due to the fact that the trace element involved in the synthesis of the protein, and which consist of all the tissues and membranes of the body.
Men should also look after their health and ta
ke vitamins and zinc.After all, this trace element contributes to the proper functioning of the prostate.And it was the sexual health of men depends on the body.Also, zinc regulates metabolic processes in the testes.
When choosing a vitamin complex with zinc should take into account that women need 12-15 mg daily trace element, and a man - a little more than 15-17 mg.Based on these rules, you can select a vitamin complex "Complivit Anti-stress", which contains 12 mg of zinc.These vitamins are additionally calming effect on the nervous system, and improve cerebral blood circulation, make the nervous system more resilient to stress.
To maintain immunity and as a source of zinc can be selected vitamins "Selmevit."Of course, there is less of the content of zinc and 7.5 mg, which is approximately half of the daily dose.But if a person regularly eats foods rich in zinc: pine nuts, pork liver, egg yolks, lamb kidney, beef, a given amount of the trace element in the complex will be sufficient.
If vitamin complex with zinc aimed at improving the condition of skin, hair and nails, you can purchase "Vitrum Beauty."The composition of the drug picked up with all the features of the female body.To stimulate the immunity from illness, while zinc deficiency in pregnancy is enough to make complex "Seltsink plus", which in addition contains selenium, vitamins E and C, beta-carotene.
In general, when choosing a vitamin-mineral complex of zinc is necessary to consider how much of this trace element enters the body with food.But before applying best to consult with your doctor, who will select the best vitamins.