Today there are a lot of vitamin complexes, as well as separately presented vitamins that help to solve the problem of shortage in the body of these components.However, which one is better - no one can say with absolute assurance.After all, there is such as thing as a "bad" or "good" vitamins.Vitamins are almost all the same.The only difference is their digestibility.

assimilation of these substances in most cases depends on the health of the digestive system and a sufficient indicator of the protein.You should know that all the elements that do not bind to the protein, merciless way removed from the body without absorption.However, naturally occurring vitamins are more likely to remain in the body and benefit.

best natural complex

These representatives vi
tamin complexes include "Spirulina."This tool is made in the form of powder from blue-green algae, which are storeroom minerals and vitamins.As part of the preparation contains minerals that are absorbed by the body better than synthetic analogues.

among the three leaders need to identify and "Vitrum", which in its content is not inferior to the above, although it refers to the manufacture of synthetic drugs.The substance is actively adopted for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, but not for the purpose of treatment.But the drug "Alphabet" is used, in addition to preventive purposes, even in the treatment of hypovitaminosis in order to strengthen the immune system.This means, though, that also belongs to the group of synthetic products perfectly absorbed.

Recommended complexes

Doctors advise their patients, in addition to these facilities, yet others, such as "Selmevit" and "Alvito".In addition, if a person took a long course of antibiotics against SARS or influenza, it is desirable to use to replenish the balance of vitamin preparations "Berocca", "Centrum" or "Triovite."Pregnant women to maintain the immune system are assigned "Pregnavit", "Eleven" and "prenatal".For elderly suitable vitamin complexes become "Oksivital", "Gerimaks" or "Gerimaks-ginseng."

should also add that it is not necessary to choose the aims publicized vitamin complex, considering it the best.The main thing in this case - an individual approach.