Indications "ichthyol ointment»

«ichthyol ointment" improves circulation to the skin, providing local irritating and anesthetic effect.Most often it is prescribed for the treatment:

- eczema;
- burns;
- erysipelas;
- acne;
- microsporia;
- streptococcal;
- boils;
- rosacea;
- neuralgia;
- arthritis;
- prostatitis;
- salpingitis;
- cervical erosion.

In addition, "ichthyol ointment" is often used in folk medicine and cosmetics, as well as proctology, urology and oncology. «ichthyol ointment" is not compatible with all medication, so before using it should consult with your doctor.

Dosing "ichthyol ointment»

to treat joint pain and neuralgia "ichthyol ointment" is used in its pure form.It is necessary to squeeze out of the tube strip means of 2-4 cm in length and rub int
o the affected area until the sensation of heat.Then, the joint must be covered with gauze, a bandage fix, leave the bandage on for 12-24 hours, and then change it.Improvement occurs, usually within 2-3 days, but should continue treatment until they are cured.

the treatment of boils rubbed ointment into the affected area should not be.It is necessary to put it on the seal, cover with a cotton ball, and when it is completely saturated with ointment, secure with a bandage.Change the bandage should be every 8-10 hours."Ichthyol ointment" good draws pus, so treatment usually takes a few days. undesirable use "ichthyol cream" for the treatment of large open wounds.Also, it should not be allowed contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth.

can use the ointment, and together with glycerin.To do this you need to mix the funds in equal proportions and rub into the sore spot 2-3 times a day.Such a composition on the skin much softer, so it can be used to treat not only adults but also children over the age of 6 years.The main indication for the use of a mixture of glycerol and "ichthyol ointment" - a fungal infection, such as ringworm (microsporia).

for the treatment of gynecological and urological diseases "ichthyol ointment" is also used in a mixture with glycerol.It is necessary to moisten in the composition of a cotton swab and put it into the rectum after bowel cleansing (spontaneous or with the help of an enema).Should carry out the procedure twice a day.