In preparation "Postinor" contains a substance which is called "LNG".It is believed that it has a contraceptive effect.The exact impact of "Postinor" on the body in the instructions to the drug can not be explained.It is assumed that the drug prevents unwanted pregnancy in two ways.The first hypothesis is the fact that when receiving funds "Postinor" before ovulation, levonorgestrel able to prevent the release of the egg.The second possible mechanism of action - prevents movement of the egg while taking the drug in the period after ovulation.Precise data on this issue is not, so you should think twice before applying "Postinor" as a method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.
If you still decide to use the "Postinor", then read carefully the features of its application.In order for the drug to act it is necessary to have a drink first tablet no later than 7
2 hours after intercourse.After that you need to sustain period of twelve hours and take a second tablet.Remember that "Postinor" acts on the body are often unpredictable, so the appearance of nausea and vomiting after the first tablet should consult a doctor immediately.Perhaps this drug is contraindicated to you.
Do not forget, the sooner you take the first pill, the greater the likelihood that the tool will work properly.It is believed that while taking the drug, "Postinor" in the first twelve hours after intercourse, your chances of success are about 80%.However, after 48 hours, they were reduced to 50%.After three days after intercourse to prevent pregnancy by means of these tablets is practically impossible.The drug will not work simply.
Usually "Postinor" does not affect the menstrual cycle.However, the month can come a little earlier or later than usual.If your period is long overdue, contact your doctor immediately.This may indicate that the drug did not work and you are pregnant.In either case, within a few weeks after taking the pills you need to carefully monitor their body.It is better to do it under the supervision of a specialist.
You should be aware that the mechanism of action of the drug "Postinor" impossible to predict.When using it, you can not prevent conception, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is very high.Of course, this can be extremely dangerous.In addition, "Postinor" is able to harm your internal organs, especially if you suffer from any chronic disease.Any deviation from the normal state of health during the period of application of these pills should be your wake-up call.Be vigilant, particularly with the appearance of vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, or a state resembling the flu.Take care of your body.