sexually mature leeches are 1-1.5 years after leaving the cocoon.For proper development leeches extremely important mode of supply and quality.Regularly feed leeches fresh blood of cattle and small cattle, it buys at slaughterhouses.
Research evidence shows that leeches are best feel, living in the old way, in a three-liter jar.The neck of the cans should be closed with a cotton cloth and tie a rubber band or string.Do not use gauze as leeches can easily gnaw through it and escape to freedom.
Take some large fattened leeches a weight of about 1.5-2 g - queens - and pairs them sit in jars with water.
water should be clean, but not boili
ng, and all the more unacceptable to use distilled water.Ideal tap water purified by special filters from an excess of chlorine destructive worms.Water should be changed daily, digestive allocation leeches can harm their state.
fertilized queens planted in individual containers - queen cells filled with peat.It will lay cocoons of worms.Under the liquor can be adapted and normal terrarium, which often include representatives of the terrestrial fauna.
Eggs develop a certain time, after which the pods should be moved into the water, which will be born conferva - small young leeches.The length of their bodies only 7-8 mm.Feed them in the same manner as that of adults, ie fresh blood.
In the warm season for the content leeches use artificial ponds, which provided the opportunity to clean water.On the bottom of bodies of water make a few small stone mounds of leeches used as houses.
In winter unused worms can be put in pots with peat deposited in hibernation.Do not leave containers with leeches in direct sunlight, it is detrimental to the worms.