To successfully implement the introduction of intramuscular antibiotic, you will need to conduct pre-deployment training and to purchase the necessary materials.You will need two trays for storing sterile and waste material.As a container fit any utensils.Also, you will need 3 alcohol wipes.You can buy them in any pharmacy and can be called "swipe injection."Instead of buying napkins you can moisten the ordinary sterile cotton balls with 96% alcohol.

In accordance with the dosage of the drug purchase an ordinary three-way syringe capacity from 2 to 10 ml.You will also need a medicine that you are going to enter, and the solution for the preparation of injections. If the drug should be diluted, prepar
e the desired composition in accordance with the instructions of the doctor or the directions on the package of the antibiotic.

procedure for administration of the drug

intramuscular injections should be made in verhnenaruzhnogo quadrant of the gluteus maximus.You can divided your buttocks into two parts: upper and lower.Thrust must be carried out in the upper part of the buttocks is slightly to one side, further away from the spine.

Best of all, the needle came to the part of the muscle, where there is the least amount of nerve endings and blood vessels because they prick can cause severe pain.That's when injected into verhnenaruzhnogo quadrant are least likely to get into the gluteal artery and sciatic nerve.When this injection in this region gives the greatest probability of being in muscle, but not in the subcutaneous fat layer. Try not to make a shot in the same area of ​​the body more than 2 times a week.

alternative injection in verhnenaruzhnogo quadrant of the buttocks is an injection into the muscle of the thigh.Insert the needle should be done in the middle part of the anterior surface of the muscle.

Lying on his stomach (on the side) it is necessary to disinfect the area in which you are going to inject the drug.Thereafter perpendicular angle of 90 degrees is necessary to enter the needle itself (about ¾ of its entire length).Then slowly push the plunger of the syringe and start uniformly administered the drug.Once the introduction is complete, abruptly pull the needle out of the body without creating additional manipulation and movement of the needle.Wipe the injection site with a cotton swab (cloth for injection).Wait a few minutes to as long as the drug will not disperse.