When the use of vitamins has become a necessity?

unbalanced diet and low-quality products are the main reasons for a lack of nutrients in the body.Worsen the situation and factors such as bad habits, stress, illness, surgery, taking certain medications.Replace missing substances help multivitamin complexes, taken courses or as a supplement to the basic daily diet.

Every body is different, and if a person has a lack of vitamins can cause poor health, the body of another easily adapts to the new position.In the second case it will be easier and more useful to establish food than to saturate your body with nutrients through the use of multivitamins and minerals. compensate for the deficiency
of iron can use the liver.Selenium, phosphorus, iodine contained in the fish, and calcium - all dairy products and the skins of fruits and vegetables.

However, there are situations where the use of vitamins becomes necessary: ​​
- in the postoperative period;
- during increased physical activity;
- in the process of receiving and hormonal contraceptives;
- under strict diets.

Also useful are vitamins for pregnant women and nursing mothers, children, the elderly.

rules taking vitamins

Constantly drinking vitamins is not recommended.As a preventive measure is better to carry out their welcome in the winter-spring period.At this dosage individual vitamins should not exceed their daily needs.The best option would be a repetition of the course 2 - 3 times a year.

More often take many vitamins can be athletes, people living in harsh environments, employees of hazardous industries and performers of heavy physical labor.However, even here there is a limitation that should not constantly use those complexes, which contain high doses of vitamins A, E, K, D. Physicians are advised to take them no more than 3 weeks. In planning pregnancy for the female body will be useful folic acid, which in the future will take care of the normal development of the central nervous system of the fetus.

The dangerously excessive consumption of vitamins?

overdose of vitamins can cause metabolic disorders.In some people, excess intake of vitamin E became the cause digestive problems, allergies, fatigue.

Despite the usefulness of vitamins for pregnant women, their overdose and fraught with consequences.Thus, in the first trimester of a threat to the development of the fetus is vitamin A. Of course, this does not mean that all children born after that with defects, but a certain amount of risk still present.