Tip 1: What is the Vaseline

Vaseline is a tool that has a softening and surface-protective effect.Its active ingredient is a soft paraffin, which is colorless and odorless.
Vaseline is of three kinds: technical, medical and cosmetic.Technical used in industry to protect the metal parts from the effects of moisture, as a lubricant for the impregnation of electrical insulators.Vaseline is used as a protective and emollient and as a basis for medicinal ointments.The tool removes the small cracks in the skin, making it softer surface after the negative effects of the sun, frost and wind.Petrolatum is also used to protect the mucosa from injury in applying the vapor tube or enema.
Vaseline is used for the manufacture of cosmetics.In its pure form it is used very rarely, because it clogs the pores and prevents the access of oxygen to the skin.Vaseline and tools based on it are hypoallergenic and safe for the body, they fight against premature skin aging and the appearance of age-related wrinkles.A similar effec
t is achieved due to their ability to create a protective film on the surface of the skin, prevents dehydration of tissues.In cosmetics petrolatum does not interact with other substances it is not able to penetrate the skin, is resistant to fracture.Since cosmetic Vaseline has regenerative properties, it is used for massage, after peelings or dermabrasion.
With Vaseline can protect the nasal mucosa from drying out when cleaning dusty places or allergic reactions.If it is put a thin layer on the skin and mucous membranes of the nasal cavity directly before contact with the detergents and cleaning products can get rid of the irritation and flaking of the skin.Vaseline can be used to remove even the most resistant makeup.However, to use it you need to remove makeup with caution, avoiding eye contact with mucous.After the procedure, you need to remove remnants of petroleum jelly to the skin surface, so they can cause swelling of the morning.
Vaseline will help to effectively fight wrinkles, to this end, it is mixed with aloe juice in a ratio of 1 to 2. The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin for 20 min., Then wash off the mask and rinse face with coolwater.To make a nourishing mask for lips, it is necessary to combine jelly with almond oil or honey.If regularly greased with Vaseline skin of hands and feet, it will stay soft for a long time.Before going to sleep can be applied to the hands and feet of a thin layer of means, and then wear cotton socks and gloves.Per night Vaseline absorbed, and the next morning the skin will be smooth.

Tip 2: How to use Vaseline

more than 100 years of petroleum jelly is produced for sale in most countries of the world where all the while enjoying unprecedented demand.Almost every house you can find a jar of this facility, which is universally used in a variety of fields.
As used Vaseline

Composition Vaseline

Vaseline derived from petroleum.He represents a mixture of solid paraffin carbohydrates and mineral oil.

Vaseline medical

Vaseline ointment can be used for normal dry skin moisturizing and as a protective agent against the negative impact of weather conditions - strong winds, the scorching sun, or severe frosts.The drug helps retain moisture in the skin.This jelly is also indispensable for burns, cracks in the skin irritation and rashes.The most important property of Vaseline is its complete safety for people suffering from allergies, as well as for the delicate skin of young children, because it has only a local impact, without penetrating into the bloodstream and deep tissues.

addition, the petrolatum used in medicine as a laxative.

Vaseline - Assistant fashionista

In cosmetology Vaseline is not the last.It is not only effective, but also very cheap tool that will help you save a lot of budget for the purchase of multiple cosmetics.

skin of the face, hands, lips Vaseline
easily replace the usual moisturizer.The generator of them a thin film on the skin protects it from the damaging effects from the outside, and also helps to retain moisture in the cells of the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles.Do not be afraid of them, not only moisturize the skin of hands and body, but the face and even the thin skin of the lips.

Vaseline is widely used as an activator of the lash.Regular use of this ointment will help you become the owner of thick and long lashes.It is important not to forget about the rules of safety and avoid contact with petroleum jelly to the mucous membrane of the eye.

to the smell of your favorite perfume to please you a longer period of time before applying them to grease the skin with petroleum jelly.The ointment will keep the fragrance on the body throughout the day.

Making neat shape eyebrows and reward their shining brilliance to help Vaseline, applied with a brush or brush the eyebrow line growth.

Vaseline ointment can be a great tool for removing makeup.It is easy to cope with any kind of makeup, safely clean your skin.

known to use Vaseline as a moisturizer for hair, from which you can make masks, as well as get rid of split ends.

Other applications of Vaseline

This action is not limited to petroleum jelly.It is widely used in everyday life.Many housewives with it can not remove stains from clothes, to maintain wooden furniture in perfect condition, and return the original appearance leather goods.

addition, petrolatum are used in the electrical industry, for example for impregnating fabrics, paper, to protect metals against corrosion.

Vaseline is registered as a food additive E905b as a glazing agent and a separator and is used in the baking industry.