«Valocordin" is used as a tool that allows you to get rid of the symptoms of false angina, sinus tachycardia.With the help of the drug treated neurosis, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia."Valokordin" state excitation can be removed, which have a significant impact on the health of the patient.

Phenobarbital, which is part of the drug, provides a sedative effect that helps reduce stress and calm the nervous system of the patient.The substance has sedative effects.With regard to ethyl esters, they also enhance the effect of phenobarbital and relieve vascular spasms par with existing as part of peppermint.


«Corvalol" was created as an analogue "valokordin."The drug is indicated for the treatment of neuroses, accompanied by increased irritability and excita
bility of the patient.Also, "Corvalol" can be used for relief of symptoms of disorders of the cardiovascular system.For example, a drug used in the treatment of coronary vasospasms, hypertension.Means, used for relief of spasms in the gastrointestinal tract.

medicine contains bromizovalerianovoy acid has antispasmodic effects and works as a sedative.Increasing dosage "Corvalol" promotes better sleep.Phenobarbital dilates blood vessels, as well as entering into drug peppermint oil.


Like "Valocordin" and "Corvalol" are used to treat similar diseases.Preparations are indispensable for the need to remove symptoms such as pain in the heart or neurosis.The composition of these products is somewhat different, because the "valokordin" further contains the essential oils of hops, enhances the relaxing effect and helps the patient to sleep.However, the pronounced effect of the presence of hop oil does not, therefore, both drugs is considered to be similar.

Another feature of these funds is the place of production and the price."Valocordin" much more expensive, as is done in Germany and is the imported drugs."Corvalol" made the Russian pharmaceutical company.The cost of "valokordin" on average by 70-100 p.Price "Corvalol" in Russian pharmacies is typically less than 20 p.