spend a fortune on the scrubs, masks, exfoliating agents and cosmetology salon visit is inappropriate.Indeed, you can do simple, inexpensive means, which in this case will be equally effective.

Benefits zinc

The benefit of zinc for skin revealed about 100 years ago.By itself, it is an important mineral elements, which contributes to the activity of enzymes.Zinc controls about 20 enzymes.That is why it is often included in creams and other means for skin care.

Zinc ointment helps address several skin problems.Firstly, it helps regulate the sebaceous glands and significantly reduces the production of sebum.Second, zinc - an excellent disinfectant and podsushivayuschee means.Third, zinc is easy to
cope with a variety of skin irritation.Furthermore, fine zinc regenerates skin and increases its elasticity.
For those who are experiencing due to the inclusion of zinc in the cream face care, there is an iron argument.Zinc - an essential component of creams for skin care of infants.

By the way, on the application of zinc ointment can determine whether the lack of this element in your body.If you are using the ointment and wound slowly tightened, this indirectly indicates that you have a zinc deficiency in the body.

How to use zinc ointment

To begin, thoroughly clean the skin.After carefully spread a thin layer of cream on the face.Apply tool can be up to 6 times a day.

Of the minuses can be called that use zinc ointment only as an independent agent.For example, as a base for make-up, it is definitely not go.This is due to the fact that it can not be applied on top of foundation or powder.
ban on the mixing of zinc ointment and decorative cosmetics due to the fact that they are complex enough to form a toxic substance that will lead to a strong skin problems.

Alternatively, you can use to take care mixed media, for example, salicylic-zinc ointment.It includes not only the zinc and vaseline, but also salicylic acid and starch.These components differ antiseptic and astringent action.So, the skin after use will become clean and tightened.

If you with regular use zinc ointment, the situation does not change, analyze - Do not overload you skin.For example, if you apply zinc ointment on the scheme, but the paint on the cheeks blush soul every day, the effect will not be.After you plug the pores, causing them to lose oxygen, moisture and other useful substances.

How to achieve the effect of

To achieve the effect, follow a few simple rules.Be sure to use an ointment on a regular basis, not just three days a week or on weekends.Also, try to restrain yourself in makeup.

also further adjust your diet.Reduce the consumption of products containing copper.After all, it blocks zinc.Add zinc inside - eat more foods containing this useful item.

And try not to be combined with the period of treatment with zinc other means for getting rid of acne.They can form a fusion combination that will lead to a deterioration of the skin.

According to the reviews, use zinc ointment or a paste can be long.But still, try not to overdo it.