The flu and colds should take paracetamol, which reduces the intensity of pain and slightly improves the general condition.In addition, the drug lowers the body temperature, which is observed in viral infections in most cases.It is important to comply with the dosage, or increases the likelihood of poisoning.Persons with chronic liver disease and gall bladder should see a doctor to agree on taking the drug.
Vitamin C improves the body's immune response to invading viruses, has an antioxidant effect.During the illness, it is desirable not only to use it in tablet form, but also enrich the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.No restrictions can drink natural juices.The only contraindication - idiosyncrasy.
Flu and colds are often caused by virus A, so we recommend taking "rimantadine".Th
e tool has side effects and contraindications, so it is best to consult a therapist.If you do not have a serious chronic illness, you can begin therapy, adhering strictly to the instructions in the instructions for use.In no case do not raise the daily dosage."Rimantadine" has interferonogenic property, strengthening the immune system and significantly reducing the duration of illness.
In addition, during the influenza and other viral infections should be taken angioprotectors that reduce capillary fragility, reduce the risk of severe complications of the cardiovascular system.For example, you can take calcium gluconate and Rutoside.
SARS and influenza are characterized by severe swelling of the mucous membranes, so the reception antihistamines helps ease breathing."Loratadine" used in the treatment of viral infections, has a mild effect on the body and minimal side effects.
Since taking all the pills in a strictly allotted time is very difficult, it is better to draw the attention on the combined means "AnviMaks."Product form - complex №20 capsules and powder for oral solution.Carefully read the instructions.If you have any questions, ask your doctor.
If you are concerned about nasal congestion, use any vasoconstrictor drops, which are presented in a wide range in pharmacies.The duration of their application - not more than 5 days.