Instructions for Use "Polizhinaks»

«Polizhinaks" comes in the form of vaginal capsules and suppositories containing the active ingredients neomycin, nystatin, polymyxin B. Nystatin has antifungal effect, it is effective against fungi Candida."Polizhinaks" appoint indications for the treatment of infections and inflammations caused by microorganisms.

It is used in non-specific, and mixed fungal vaginitis, vulvovaginitis cervicovaginitis, for the prevention of infectious complications before surgery, before intrauterine diagnostic procedures before delivery.In the treatment of thrush "Polizhinaks" combined with oral antifungal medications. neomycin, and polymyxin B, included in the "Polizhinaks" effective against a large number of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria except streptococci and anaerobic microorganisms.

To enter "Polizhinaks" need to lie on your back and put a capsule, or a candle deep into the vagina.They need to be put in the evening before bedtime.Duration of treatment - 12 days.As shown prophylaxis rate during 6 days.Dates of application "Polygynax" limit to prevent the formation of drug resistant pathogens and thus prevent reinfection.

At the time of treatment "Polizhinaks" to refrain from sex, as unprotected sex will lead to re-infection, and the use of a condom made of latex drug may impair its integrity.In identifying the disease in women treatment should be both sexual partners.Men in such cases a cream or ointment is administered with a similar effect.At the time of menstruation is not to interrupt the course of therapy is necessary, but action "Polizhinaks" will be less efficient, so treatment is recommended to begin after its completion.

Contraindications, side effects "Polizhinaks»

case of overdose have been identified.The use of "Polizhinaks" is contraindicated in pregnant women I trimester.In II and III trimesters "Polizhinaks" is used only on prescription in cases where the therapeutic benefit of the drug to the mother greater than the risk to the child.When used during lactation breast-feeding should be discontinued. Before the appointment and the use of "Polizhinaks" requires taking a swab for bacteriological analysis.

During treatment "Polizhinaks" allergic reactions: itching, burning, irritation of the vagina, you may be strong reddening of the skin;long-term use may cause side effects, typical for antibiotics.