blood test can reveal the fact, even a one-time use of narcotic substances in the period up to four months after the last dose.However, this period depends on the constitution of the individual, frequency of use and the specific drug.Such a test is far more accurate than the determination of the concentration of drug in the urine and, at the same time, more simple than the detection of drugs in hair.

Why is important to determine the presence of drugs in the blood?

precise definition of the fact of drug use is very important when assessing the sanity of an individual action.This can be useful when conducting forensics, for private purposes, the definition of professional fitness and so on.Diagnosis of blood is carried out
in almost all hospital laboratories, as well as most private.

In such an analysis, revealed residual concentrations of drug compounds, their metabolites, as well as natural antibodies thereto.The last are formed after the collapse of the primary material under the influence of enzymes in the body, and also evidence of drug use.If the drug is in the blood, especially in long-term regular use, its presence can reliably transmit and urine test.

Unlike blood tests, urine can be diagnosed by the presence of banned substances in the home.These tests anyone can buy in a pharmacy.Multitest preferred to use, allowing to identify the use of several drugs.

Types of blood tests for drugs

There is a so-called "quarterly" blood, and conducted by a chemical-toxicological methods.Quarterly method is more focused on the identification of natural antibodies to drugs.This allows not only to determine how long ago was eating some substance, but as part of the monitoring of their use.Effective against cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, ephedrine, barbiturates.

Chemical toxicology method is suitable for determining drug use over the last few days (72 hours).It is not a quick way to diagnose, but has an official character and validity as evidence.It is used for almost all groups of drugs, including alcohol.