life of modern man is like a marathon.In it there are strict rules of survival, often have a lot of work, business trips.Many men are constantly in a state of chronic stress.All this invariably affects the heart, causing it to operate with increased load.In order to avoid the most common male diseases - myocardial infarction, need for daily intake of ascorbic acid.Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, splitting the free radicals and protects vessel walls from their damaging effect.Include in your daily diet of foods rich in these beneficial agent: citrus fruits, cabbage, black currant and kiwi.Required dose of consumption - 60 mg per day, so buy ascorbic acid in the
form of ready-made forms of pharmacy.At the use of the drug, try not to drink it on an empty stomach, as irritate the stomach lining, and after receiving necessarily rinse your mouth, because the acid destroys tooth enamel.
not always the stronger sex are committed extremely healthy food and do not drink alcohol.Drinking beer and fried, salty and spicy food creates an additional burden on the liver, therefore, must be present in the diet products containing lipoic acid.It has beneficial effects on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and helps the liver to cope with the additional burden in the form of the decay products of alcohol.Vitamin N is contained in cabbage, milk, rice and greens.Daily consume at least 1 gram of lipoic acid, preferably in tablet form.
If man exercisers build muscle volume, then it needs Group B vitamins: B6, B12 and B2.They are responsible for the uptake and distribution of the protein in the body.The content of these substances in the foods is very small, so do not do without the additional intake of vitamin preparations.If you are taking a complex drug, then carefully study the composition: the content of B2 must not be less than 5 mg, B6 - B12 2 mg - 3 mg.Excess dosage is not recommended, the problem can be obtained in the form of allergic reactions or edema.
If hair condition has deteriorated over the years and planned to baldness, the problem may lie not only in age or heredity, but also in the lack of vitamin H. It provides transport of sulfur to the hair follicles and helps to reduce hair loss.For longer hair you "never left", enter into the diet of beef and mutton, eggs, spinach, mushrooms and milk.Biotin daily rate shall be no less than 30 mg can be increased to 100 mg, an overdose does not happen.
man at any age seek to preserve sexual activity is responsible for the quality of the potency of vitamin E. As an antioxidant, it stimulates the production of hormones of the anterior pituitary, which has a positive effect on spermatogenesis and erectile function.Take tocopherol daily in an amount of not more than 0.3 mg per 1 kg of body weight, an overdose can cause elevation of blood pressure.Include in the daily consumption of whole grains and vegetable oils - olive, sunflower and corn.