nasal sprays are an effective alternative to the usual nasal drops.Use preparations in the form of sprays convenient than the droplet.And, in contrast to antiviral drugs in the form of tablets and syrups, aerosols act locally, allowing faster to get rid of a cold.

What is cold?When viral diseases dramatically increases the amount of mucus produced, and therefore there is nasal congestion.When using the vasoconstrictor spray decreases edema, and then going on airway clearance of accumulated mucus.

harm sprays from a cold

Sprays have positive side - they allow a precisely metered amount of drug money have long life - up to eight hours.Aerosols are economical, plus they can be used anywhere, even in public transport or hospital.However

sprays from a cold to literally make a person dependent.After all, the patient no longer wants to again suffer from nasal congestion, so often happens reuse aerosols.Their frequent use leads to the desiccation of the nasal mucosa.Sprays also have the negative effect of changes in taste sensations. Frequent use of sprays worsen nutrition nasal mucosa and leads to thinning of blood vessels, so frequent in the addiction to the aerosol are bleeding.

Doctors advise using nasal sprays to strictly follow the instructions and in any case not to use drugs all the time.Aerosols are good only as an emergency means of getting rid of the common cold, if not treated comprehensively, spray only slightly ease the patient's condition.

side effect of nasal sprays

Many nasal spray contains xylometazoline, used such drugs during pregnancy is recommended with caution.The drugs with the component on average lasts about four hours, while in pharmacies can be found spray for adults and children.To narrow the blood vessels and sprays are used to naphazoline, other active ingredients.

With occasional use spray against the common cold side effects of such funds is not observed.But to improve the condition of using the spray can be only three, a maximum of seven days.The more often you use sprays, as well as a drop of a vasoconstrictor effect, the faster overworked vessels of the nose, the result becomes less pronounced. spray does not help if the accumulated mucus in the nose.Therefore, if the nose does not breathe, for a start you need to clean it by washing.

not recommend nasal sprays glaucoma, atrophic rhinitis, these funds can not be used without consulting a doctor during breastfeeding, young children, hypertension, thyroid disease, cardiovascular system.