Tip 1: How to make up for calcium

According to the World Health Organization on the prevalence of osteoporosis takes fourth place after diabetes, atherosclerosis and cancer among non-communicable diseases.One of the main functions of the bone tissue - reservation of calcium to the body.However, after 40 years, an imbalance occurs - bone loss ahead of its growth.The body "washes» calcium from the bones, directing it to other physiological needs.To push the "tipping" age, should always be engaged in prevention.
you need
  • - marshmallow, licorice root, raspberry leaf, lady's mantle;
  • - fragrant woodruff, wormwood, sleep-grass;
  • - sage, red clover, oregano, hops cones;
  • - elecampane root, vegetable oil.
primarily reconsider diet.The daily requirement for calcium is not less than 1.5 grams.Make it a rule to drink 2 cups of yogurt, milk or yogurt a day or 100 grams of cottage cheese or hard cheese.Broccoli, spinach, beans, oranges, walnuts, sesame seeds are also rich in calcium.
to absorb calcium from food, di
etary supplements, or eggshell body needs magnesium, which prevents the removal of calcium from the bones.But to calcium, and magnesium are fully absorbed by the body needs vitamin D, which is synthesized under the influence of ultraviolet light.In addition, vitamin D is found in fish dishes and seafood, meat, eggs, bran, brewer's yeast, parsley, fruits and vegetables.
However, vitamin D must go to an active form.This requires hormones.Strengthen the synthesis of estrogen helps plants containing phytoestrogens - marshmallow, licorice root, raspberry leaf, lady's mantle.
To enhance the synthesis of pituitary hormone responsible for female sexual sphere, recommended broth fragrant woodruff, wormwood, sleep-grass.1 dessert spoon of any of the above or a mixture of herbs pour half a liter of boiled water, ostuzhennoy to 60 degrees Celsius.The present hour, filter and drink in three steps.The course of treatment - 3 months.
Sage, head of red clover, marjoram, hop cones stimulate the production of sex hormones in the adrenal cortex, helping in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.1 tablespoon of herb mixture pour 100 ml boiling water 60 degrees Celsius.The present hour, drink in three runs.Take courses for 2 months, with a monthly break.
Official medicine recommends for the treatment of osteoporosis elecampane oil extract.Dried and ground roots of elecampane pour vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:10.Insist for a week, shaking 5-6 times a day.Oil is added for dessert spoon daily meals.

Tip 2: How to make up for calcium deficiency

Lack of calcium in the body is reflected in the appearance, resulting in brittle hair and nails, and skin dryness, and the condition of the teeth.Calcium is required for normal operation of the heart.Deficiency of this element causes spasms in the muscles, making the bones brittle, affects the nervous system.To make up for the deficit requires a range of measures, otherwise the desired effect will not be.
How to compensate for a deficiency of calcium

replenishes calcium deficiency

Calcium should not appoint myself independently, guided by feedback acquaintances or advertising.Uncontrolled intake of these additives can lead to the formation of kidney stones, the appearance of plaques on the walls of blood vessels.In addition, when an independent selection of the drug at high risk to acquire the means ineffective, poorly absorbed by the body.

Do not use folk remedies, such as powdered egg shell - not well crushed shell injures the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, improper heat treatment of threatening salmonella and calcium from such powder practically not absorbed.

for the absorption of calcium is needed vitamin D, so the diet should include foods rich in them, to combine the administration of drugs and a special diet with walks in the fresh air.

hinder the absorption of calcium foods high in caffeine, sodas, smoking and alcohol, so the period of treatment from coffee, tea and soda should be abandoned, as well as cigarettes and alcohol substitute natural juices.

lack of calcium in the diet

When a lack of calcium is necessary not only to take medicines, but also special diet.In cases of light deficiency is usually sufficient to revise the diet to calcium levels returned to normal.Adults need from 800 to 1200 mg of calcium per day, children - from 400 to 900 mg according to the age.

lot of calcium found in milk and dairy products.Adult daily requirement for calcium can be replenished by drinking half a liter of whole milk or by eating 200 grams of cheese and 50 grams of cheese.It is also important for the health of this element of the rich sea fish and seafood, and eggs.

from calcium deficiency often suffer vegetarians who refuse from products of animal origin.The absence in the diet of milk, eggs and fish will not lead to health problems related to calcium deficiency, if you include in the daily menu sesame, is a kind of record for its content, and sesame oil, and green beans, celery, parsley, cabbage (white cabbagebroccoli), lettuce.

calcium rich nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), lentils, beans, peas, sunflower seeds and poppy.

Although a lot of calcium found in spinach and sorrel contained in these vegetables oxalic acid prevents its assimilation, so as a source of calcium is better not to use them - the effect on consumption will be minimal.
Osteoporosis is very important to identify the time - an X-ray shows only later stage.You must pass tests to determine the bone enzyme concentration of calcium in the blood.Medical centers can make hydroxyproline levels.His increasing evidence of active bone decay.
Helpful Hint
To fill digestible calcium take in summer leaves and dandelion root, Thlaspi, colza, tarragon, evening primrose, goutweed, nutsedge edible.