Tip 1: Miramistin: instructions for use

«Miramistin" - a popular antiseptic modern generation.Because it is effective, harmless, not too expensive.It destroys pathogens better than similar drugs.The range of application "Miramistin" is so broad that any family he's always welcome.
antiseptic Available as a solution, spray and ointments.For the treatment of eye infections is a variant - a drop of "Okomistin."

solution, spray

wounds, burns, fistulas.If they suppurate, carefully clean them with wads "Miramistin" from necrotic content.Then, apply a cloth soaked in a solution on the affected area and bandage it.Treating the injured tissues to be every day at least twice before healing.

pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, binding.If the inflamed larynx, well help frequent gargling, preferably every a couple of hours.Inflammation in the mouth are too fast for frequent rinsing "Miramistin."Patients tonsils effectively lubricated cotton swab dipped in a solution.It is also well disinfects dentures.

rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis media.When infl
ammation in the nasal wash solution apparatus deep nasal passages, maxillary sinuses using a blower.Rinse several times, each time thoroughly vysmarkivayas.When otitis bury a pipette 1-2 ml of solution in both ears.

Eye diseases.Conjunctivitis, blepharoconjunctivitis, keratitis, eye drops treat keratouveitis "Okomistin": one or two drops in both eyes 5-6 times a day until the infection is resolved.

Women's disease.At various inflammations should be administered daily swabs soaked in a solution of the vagina.A more efficient to do electrophoresis "Miramistin" in outpatient physiotherapy.

prevention of genital infections.A woman after intercourse vulva should wash and handle swab dipped "Miramistin."Then make irrigation by introducing two or three minutes, 5-10 ml of solution into the vagina and the urethra 1-1.5 ml.Man after intimate hygiene procedures should be introduced 2-3 ml into the urethra.It is desirable to do it immediately after intimacy - 1.5-2 hours of such prophylaxis is delayed.Not to wash off the medicine, you can not urinate for 2 hours.

urethritis, chlamydia, gonorrhea."Miramistin" - only one of the drugs in complex regimens of these infections.2-5 ml of solution is administered daily into the urethra of two to three times typically about a week.

Prevention of postpartum infections.Irrigation solution vagina begins a week before delivery, held during childbirth and after another 5 days.Swab dipped in a solution administered two hours.

Caesarean section.Before surgery "Miramistin" irrigate the vagina, uterus and then it is treated during surgery, and a week after it is introduced into the vagina swabs solution also for two hours.


wounds, burns.The ointment is applied to the injured area and bandages.Please do daily dressings, and then - to the extent of tissue healing - a day or two.The fistula is administered swabs with ointment.

Skin infectious diseases.In patients skin at least twice a day applied ointment or ointment applied swabs.Stop treatment "Miramistin" when bacteriological analysis confirmed the absence of infection.

Dermatomycoses.If a generalized skin ointment rubromikoze - an additional tool in the treatment of fungal diseases.Treatment duration not less than one-half months.When onychomycosis before applying the ointment should be peeled horny plates nails.

Contraindications "Miramistin" there is little, occasionally observed an individual of his intolerance and allergic reactions.It's hard to name the drug minus a slight burning sensation during the treatment of open wounds - it is not comparable with the strong burning iodine tincture and passes quickly.Be sure that "Miramistin" did not get into the eyes.Permission is granted to use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

often recommend replacing "Miramistin" cheaper antiseptic "chlorhexidine".However, this is not always equivalent replacement as "chlorhexidine" weaker treats many skin diseases, with dermatitis is generally not recommended to have more contraindications, and often causes allergic reactions.

Tip 2: "Miramistin": instructions for use

«Miramistin" is antiseptic.The drug is active against streptococci, staphylococci, gram-negative bacteria."Miramistin" is produced in the form of an ointment, spray solution.
«Miramistin" is used as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted (gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, herpes), for the treatment of stafilodermii, streptococcal, mycosisfeet, cutaneous candidiasis, onychomycosis, tinea, keratomikoza.The drug is also used in surgery for the treatment of wounds infected by bacteria, frostbite, deep and superficial burns of 2-3 degrees, in the preparation of burn wounds to autodermoplasty.In urology drug is used in the treatment of acute and chronic urethritis, uretroprostatitis specific and nonspecific nature.
in gynecology, obstetrics "Miramistin" used to treat postpartum festering injuries, vagina, perineal wounds, inflammations, post-partum infection.In otolaryngology agent used to treat tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, acute and chronic otitis acute.In dentistry, it is used for the treatment of periodontitis, treatment of dentures.In children, the drug used for the prevention of fungal infections, for the treatment of bruises and wounds, the treatment of angina, stomatitis.
solution "Miramistin" is used in the form of lotions: moisten sterile cloth or make occlusive dressing.For emergency nature of venereal disease prevention rinse solution vulva external bodies and treat their wad of cotton wool soaked in a solution.Women to prevent infections after unprotected intercourse, you can douching (5-10 ml).Men are injected into the urethra of 1 ml."Miramistin" is effective for only 2 hours after sex.
for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of female intravaginal use tampons soaked in a solution.For the treatment of purulent otitis media type in the external auditory meatus 2 ml of product.If laryngitis, tonsillitis, throat rinse solution - 4-6 times a day.When stomatitis, periodontitis, gingivitis mouth rinse solution 10-15 ml 3-4 times a day.
Ointment "Miramistin" apply to damaged skin and cover with a bandage.For the treatment of skin diseases, use of its two times per day.When tinea ointment is combined with the use of antifungal agents.When onychomycosis before applying means remove the affected layer of the nail plate.Spray "Miramistin" is used in the early stages of colds, using it 3-4 times a day for 3-4 injections.For the prevention of influenza treat them slimy mouth 1 time a day.
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