What analgesics quickly eliminate pain

Analgesics - medications that help to suppress the pain.With their help, you can not only relieve pain, but also relieve muscle tension, reduce body temperature.

worth mentioning any pain medications do not eliminate the cause that caused the pain, but only temporarily relieves the patient.Semisynthetic and synthetic drugs affect certain centers of the brain responsible for the onset of pain.Opioids have a narcotic effect.Chronic administration of dependence arises.The pharmaceutical composition of narcotic analgesics include codeine, morphine, Fentanyl.Therefore, these painkillers are dispensed from pharmacies only by prescription and are used only when other analgesics are ineffective.

OTC analgesics: paracetamol, analgin, only affect the

peripheral nervous system and suppress pain in the areas of its deployment.These painkillers are not addictive and are considered the safest.

Should I take painkillers

Analgesics not worth taking if the pain is caused by nerve tolerant and overexertion.It is enough to change the occupation, thoroughly relax, sleep, walk in the fresh air and the pain will be alone.

If the pain breaks your plans, be distracted, and no time to rest, take a tablet tsitramona, dipyrone or paracetamol.

worth noting, if the pain is not removed non-narcotic analgesics and occurs frequently, you should contact your doctor to find out why.

with muscle, joint pain you can take ibuprofen, analgin, aspirin, phenacetin.Contraindications to receive data painkillers include: stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.It is best absorbed by the gastro-soluble form of analgesics.

In acute dental pain non-narcotic analgesic take to reach maximum comfort to the dental clinic.

migraine take NSAIDs or migrenol and antispasmodic.If further concerned about the feeling of tension, add a tranquilizer to analgesics, such as renazepam.

most unwise decision - taking pain medication for pain in the abdomen.First you need to figure out the cause of the pain.And for this you should immediately contact the clinic or call an ambulance.