Drug Usage "Terzhinan»

It should be noted that the drug is available as vaginal tablets and is used only for local medical care.The main indication for the use of "Terzhinan" serve local inflammatory diseases caused by protozoan infection or anaerobic bacterial species.The main factor for successful treatment is a significant reduction in the severity of symptoms.In addition, the positive outcome of therapy depends on the implementation of the preliminary bacteriological diagnosis of vaginal discharge.

In that case, if a woman planned surgery, the use of "Terzhinan" is based on the prevention of infectious complications in the postoperative period directly.For this six-day course of treatment
prescribed treatment so a drug that must be completed three days before the operation.The prophylactic use of the drug "Terzhinan" it is advisable to hysteroscopy, therapeutic procedures on the cervix, labor or abortion.

«Terzhinan" in the form of vaginal tablets should be used by introducing them into the vagina, pre-moistened with water.For best results it is to lie in repose for about ten minutes.It is recommended to use "Terzhinan" no more than one pill per day.Typically, the duration of treatment therapy is ten days.However, when a fungal disease duration of treatment may be increased to twenty days.It must be remembered that the break between courses of medical therapy "Terzhinanom" should be at least six months.This is due to the fact that the microorganisms are capable of adapting to the existing components of the tool, whereby the treatment will be ineffective.It is noteworthy that menstruation is not a reason to stop therapy with curative "Terzhinan."In order to avoid re-infection it is advisable to conduct a survey of infection and treatment a regular sexual partner.

Side effects of medication "Terzhinan»

Basically, the drug was well tolerated.However, allergic reactions can occur, caused by intolerance to certain constituents.Furthermore, after administration of the tablet in the vagina may occur expressed burning, itching and redness of the genitals.With the development of these symptoms should discontinue use of the drug.

allowed to use "Terzhinan" during pregnancy only on the strict doctor.After all, only he can properly assess the potential hazard to the fetus and to make appropriate recommendations on medical therapy.