Effect of antibiotics on sexual function in men

Antibacterials adversely affect sexual function in both men and women.They disrupt spermatogenesis, resulting in sperm reduce their motor activity.Furthermore, reduced amount of seminal fluid generated.This in turn leads to difficulties in fertilization.

Antibiotics and birth are not compatible, so about 3 months the man should refrain from receiving them, that is, after their use to wait a certain period.This is necessary in order to spermatogenesis recovered, and has participated in the conception of new, healthy sperm as they ripen about 2-3 months.

impact on women

Antibiotics act on sexual function in women in two ways.Firstly, they inhibit ovulation and oocyte maturation.This is due to menstrual irregularities.Most of

them have serious side effects, one of which is sexual dysfunction.The instructions for use of the drug is indicated on a mandatory basis.

Secondly, antibacterials in their prolonged use can lead to dysbacteriosis, thereby changing microflora, which in particular affects the ability to conceive.In order to prevent a negative impact on the future fruit of medicines, be sure to plan a pregnancy.

baby to develop properly and be born healthy, prospective parents should properly prepare for conception, and above all to stop taking antibiotics.

To do this after using drugs she will need to be protected for several cycles.During this period the function of fertility is restored and you can get down to business.Separately need to highlight the fact that if all these conditions are not met, then antibiotics may affect the child.

Often one can observe fetal congenital malformations, miscarriage.Some representatives of these drugs have a distant, unwanted effects: teratogenic, embryotoxic.

Because of this, when planning a child, it is important to remember that before conception is necessary to exclude antibiotics as a man and a woman.This fully secure the future and will allow the fruit to give birth to healthy offspring.