to get a perfect hips, a little stick to a healthy diet.If among your reasons for concern - cellulite, sagging skin, reduce body fat in the problem area will help a special diet.Traditionally, the fat on the hips harder to clean than in other parts of the body.This is due to the fact that in this zone of excess fat is deep, it has a denser structure.So when hip diets lose weight last.
Diet for hips suggests limiting the amount of starchy foods, sweet, fat in the diet.Eat bread, fried foods, desserts impossible.Exception - whole grain breads, bran.It should also forget about the sausage, fatty cheese, butter.
give preference shoul
d be boiled, steamed or roasted vegetables, legumes, seafood.Eat fresh fruits and dried fruits, lean poultry and beef.Diet for hips necessarily involves the use of large amounts of water - at least 8 glasses a day.
menu in the diet to reduce the hips should be as simple as possible.To help the intestines, is to finish the day taking dairy products.Fish these days is possible, but it should be low-fat and steamed.The diet should be built in such a way that the use of the number of calories accounted for a quarter of all fats.Desirable - plant origin.
When losing weight in the problem area do not try to lose weight fast, diet should not promise results in just 5 days or a week.The correction must be prolonged, directed not only removal of fat exercise, but also to increase skin elasticity thighs.
Useful when full hips low protein diet.The amount of protein consumed in this limit is not more than 25 grams.per day.Because the diet is necessary to remove the chocolate, cream, ice cream, the fat content of milk products should not exceed 3%.Do focus on fresh vegetables, cereals.
You can try to lose weight in the hips a seasonal diets - watermelon, melon.But remember that you can not practice long monodiets.Better to leave the usual breakfast and lunch and other meals can be replaced with melon or watermelon.
The ideal is to combine diet for hips with exercise, cosmetic wraps, anti-cellulite massage.Most effective for removing fat deposits on the hips will bring kicks.They can perform both lying and standing.Also, do not forget about the squat - with or without weights.