Dancing can also be a cost-effective way to train, because you can do it in the comfort of your home without having to buy expensive equipment or technique.While dancing and help to lose weight, it is better to combine them with proper nutrition to achieve the best results.

  1. change into loose, comfortable clothing, for example, in training pants or yoga pants and a t-shirt.You do not have to dress in a professional form, enough to wear something that does not restrict your movements.

  2. Free space in the room.Move furniture, which can prevent you.You can dance in any room where there is the opportunity to free up space.

  3. Turn your favorite energetic music.Choose something that will make you move, it does not matter whether it's hip-hop, disco, pop or hits of the 1970s.

  4. Follow a few basic exercises for warming up before the dance.Stretch your arms up and to the side, stretch the calf muscles, poprisedayte, porazmahivayte hands back and forth, turning the upper part of the body.

  5. Start dancing, gradually moving vigorously.Do not think about how to look the part.Push the curtains and close the door, so if you feel more relaxed.Engage the whole body - arms, legs, torso.The more intense you are moving in the dance, the more calories are burned.

  6. Dance as much as you can.Start with 10 minutes of the first few days and gradually increase workout to 30 minutes to get a good cardio.Every time you dance, try to force yourself to do it longer.The longer you put a strain on the heart and the more zadeystvuete large group of muscles, the more calories you burn.Try to dance 3-5 times a week.

  7. Bring workout duration to 45 minutes.At the same time you should not get tired.Approximately 45 minutes of dance burn 225 calories.Dancing in this mode, you normalize the ratio of muscle and fat mass.

  8. When you feel more confident in yourself, sign up for dancing.The same sequence of exercises you may get bored.Join a group of street dance salsa or to learn new movements, strive for new achievements and make friends with the same interests.