adhere to the general rules of nutrition for gastritis: eat three or four times a day, in silence, slowly, slowly chewing each morsel of food, end the meal, feeling a sense of easy hunger.Prepare simple meals, with a minimum number of components that are quickly and easily digested.After the meal is useful to have a rest for half an hour - Sit back, relax.
Avoid eating fried, fatty, and canned food.Do not chew the cud (it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices), do not drink carbonated beverages, irritate the stomach lining, try not to eat food with preservatives, chemicals and dyes.You also should not eat candy, chocolate, drink coffee, strong tea, add spice to food.Quit smoking and do not sit on a rigid diet.
The list of allowed gastritis
products are: fresh vegetables (raw), fruit (baked) lean meat, protein food.All dishes should bake, boil or cook in a double boiler - such food is easily digested and it saved a lot of nutrients.When gastritis is useful to drink natural fruit and vegetable juices (acid must be diluted with water).Water should be taken often and much - mineral or filtered.Sweets replace nuts, honey, dried fruit.
diet for those with gastritis with high acidity, is aimed at reducing the intensity of the production of gastric juice: the food should be warm, all the products that excite gastric secretion, it is necessary to remove from the diet.Avoid alcohol, citrus, black bread, strong broth, dairy products, garlic, sweet.You will be useful fat milk, seafood, cereals, eggs, freshwater fish, lean meats, processed vegetables.
Gastritis with low acidity requires the stimulation of gastric secretion - a beautiful table setting for a long chewing food, pureed and liquid food.It is allowed to eat chicken without skin, rabbit, baked fruit, carrots, milk products, etc.Kashi must be liquid, vegetables better to grind into a puree, steamed cakes, jelly should not be too sweet and sour.