Forget the following thoughts: "This diet will end tomorrow, and I really come off!Treat yourself to all that, what for so long denied myself! ".Even if you want to devote to food permissiveness only one or two days, you can easily predict that these days will end soon.The body begins to compensate for forgone all the calories, and you will be very difficult to control yourself.Therefore, no remuneration in the form of cakes and hamburgers.
The greatest reward for you - it's your slim figure.After all, you're just dreaming about it, so keep the result, come what may.Tune in to the thought of taking care of your new body and start it on the first day after the diet.
Plan your diet in advance.Its total caloric content of the firs
t two weeks should not exceed 200-250 calories.It is not necessary to enter sharply foods you should not eat, but increase the amount that was the basis of your diet.If these meals are already fed up, replace them with something equivalent.
week later gradually begin to introduce new products.Start with fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, and then enter the lean meat and fish.As for the flour, then replace it with bread, meal and eat in moderation, no more than 1 piece per day.
Sweets should not eat earlier than two weeks after the diet.After this period, when the body get used to the new diet and metabolism will adjust, you can enjoy jam and dark chocolate.Various cakes, pies and ice cream will be there in the morning for one serving one or two times a week.
Eat small meals 5-6 times a day.Chew, it will allow you to quickly get enough and do not overeat.
not eat at night, after the diet it can very quickly lead to a set of extra kilos.After 7 pm drink tea and water, and before going to bed - a cup of yogurt.A month after the diet in the evening hunger pangs snack of fruit and low-fat yogurt.
Physical activity should be your companion for life.If you exercise while dieting, you should not stop there.But you can change the intensity of, for example, instead of the treadmill walking an hour a day and sign up for yoga.
Drink more water, up to two liters a day.This allows you to quickly adjust the metabolism, get rid of the feeling of hunger and desire to eat something harmful.
sure to monitor your body.If you suddenly began to notice the severity and accumulation of water in the body, review the food, limit the intake of salty, sweet and fatty.As long as you do not fully enter into a new rhythm, do not stop to watch him and to react promptly to any changes in the body.