In order to eat properly and not to increase belly fat, you need to remember a few rules:

1) The food should always be fresh.It is best to eat food immediately after cooking.In the refrigerator, and what is worse at room temperature foods begin processes of fermentation and putrefaction.What a negative impact on your body.The stomach digests badly decayed and rotten food, and mineral elements in the food becomes a fraction.

2) menu for each day should be varied and systematic.On each day of the week should be included the necessary portion of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and other useful elements.If you eat at work, the best option would be to order a meal in a third-party cafe, which is on the menu every day individually.

3) Obligatory presence in the diet of fruits and vegetables.To remove the fat from the abdomen, the body requires

a vitamin in food, fiber, and other chemical compounds.And a huge number of add is precisely in raw fruits and vegetables.Boiled, fried, steamed vegetables contain a smaller number of useful elements.Also, fruits and vegetables help to speed up food processes in the body that affect a more rapid burning belly fat.

4) In winter and autumn, the body needs more protein and fat.On the contrary, in the spring and summer, it requires more plant foods.Strongly should not limit ourselves to certain products at certain seasons of the year.

5) Overeating causes fatigue, drowsiness and lowering the body's metabolism.Reducing caloric intake repeatedly refreshes your body.Burning belly fat will go full swing, as the body will cease to postpone the excess calories in the folds of fat on my stomach.

6) Eating should be a pleasure."Haste makes waste".You should not eat fast food to chew better.

Finally I want to say that in a healthy body - healthy mind.Being fat is not shameful, but many doors are closed, if you become obese and complete.