Now the world there are many different drugs which people consume.Even some common medications, such as "Tsiklomed", you can make a drug, using it in a different way, not as described in the instructions.

real cocaine dependence

Cocaine - this is a very powerful drug, which is in two forms: powder (pure cocaine) and a crystal (crack).He introduced the human body in various ways: by rubbing the mucous to the injection process. The latter often leads to overdose and death.

Cocaine can be called one of the most insidious drugs, because it is a very addictive, literally from the very first time.Cocaine stimulates the production of dopamine, a hormone or pleasure and joy.But getting pleasure for the first time, the next time a person has received to increase the dose, because the same concentr
ation effect is gone.Therefore the process of retraction will occur very quickly, and the man did not have time to realize that he is "on the hook", which is hardly ever something starts to let him go.

Cocaine - a very expensive drug and distribute it more often in the most affluent neighborhoods.Drug dealers, knowing that the person after the first dose "will sit down", to sell it at a low cost, knowing that he will still come in the second, but the following are already at a much higher price.

What a man feels accepted the "dose" of cocaine?

After cocaine man feels an incredible burst of energy, it is extremely mobile, and says a lot of fuss.But this rise is very short-lived, and after a few hours begins the next stage - depression.Depression is a very serious and a person's thoughts are directed only to have to get back to the powder.The drug starts to really drive a man completely depriving it of the will.

further align severe mental disorders, persons completely deprived of sleep, there are hallucinations, aggression and heavy psychosis.The picture is completed cramps, pain in the muscles and bones, the man does not want to eat, he has a lack of interest in life in general.Further, cocaine use is not in order to get "high", but simply remove the painful symptoms of withdrawal.In a sudden withdrawal of a drug addict-kokainschika dose of depression that inevitably comes when you cancel, often it causes him to die.

treatment of cocaine dependence

Well, when people just understand their problem and seek treatment.This allows you to keep his personality and life.

Treatment is directed primarily at removing the craving for cocaine.This person must understand the destructiveness of their habits and want to throw it.The word "want" is the key, without this desire to treat it will be absolutely useless.For this purpose, conducted psychotherapy.They can be both group and individual.It depends on the personality of the patient and the extent of his addiction.

also used tricyclic antidepressants that reduce the craving for the drug.In conjunction with drug therapy and detoxification of the body is carried out, since cocaine is very detrimental to all organs of man. Therefore, to carry out "cleansing" of toxins.

In some instances, the beta-blockers, which also reduce the craving for some new dose.