One of the vaccines that are made for children, the vaccine is a mantle.It is necessary to identify the primary fact of TB infection;identifying tuberculosis patients reactions to tuberculin;diagnosis of tuberculosis in infected tubercle bacillus, but not showing symptoms of the disease;confirm the diagnosis of tuberculosis;selection of children who need revaccination against tuberculosis.Mantoux test is the result of the body's response to tuberculin.At the injection site there is a slight inflammation, which is small, if there is no hint of the
disease.But if the body has Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the inflammation is extensive.

In no case should children be vaccinated if they are sick skin diseases, epilepsy, asthma, as well as during acute infection, chronic and systemic diseases.If a child is sick with a sharp disease, anemia, the vaccination should be postponed for at least a month.If the baby only a slight cold, the vaccination can be postponed for only a week.And if the family of someone caught a cold, you should also transfer vaccinations, because after her child's immune system is weakened, and it can easily become infected.

after vaccination should not be wet the injection site within three days.This is because water can cause excessive redness, leading to incorrect results inoculation.In fact, the water itself is not harmful for the vaccination, but it can cause slight itching at the injection site.As a result, the child can be vaccinated comb and place redness greatly increase.This vaccination is subcutaneous, so the water will not be able to get there.Mantle especially terrible scratching and rubbing.In general, three days Watering prohibition inoculation place due to the fact that only after 72 hours it shows the result.