Medications that have a reflex action.These include "Validol" and "Corvalol."Many believe these essentials.However, you should know that the strokes they have a very low efficiency.In this case it will "Nitroglycerin"."Validol" helps to relieve stress, "Nitroglycerin" will help to expand the arteries (coronary).It is for this reason, "Validol" without "Nitroglycerin" take is not recommended.
nitrates.This group of compounds may be divided into three subgroups: "Nitroglycerin" ("Nitromintum" "Nitrokor", etc.);preparations which are based on isosorbide denitrat ("Izoket spray", "Kardiket-20", "Iso-mak 20" and others);means on the basis of isosorbide mononitrate ("monofilament", "Monosan" "Monocinque administered", etc
antiplatelet agents.The action of these drugs is aimed at improving the rheological properties of blood.Such drugs include "Aspirin", "Cardiomagnyl" "Clopidogrel", and others.
Calcium antagonists.The first generation drugs of this type were: "Isoptin", "Nifedipine" and others, and then there was a second class of these drugs, which is characterized by longer duration of action - "Amlodopin", "lacidipine."More recently, there was a third class with an even more confident and long duration of action, such as "Nifecard" and "Felodip."
Beta-blockers.Preparations of this group are very effective after a heart attack and increase the survival rate to 25%, and reduce the likelihood of repeat heart attacks.These include "Nabilet" ("Nebivolol").
statins and fibrates.Since heart disease is inextricably linked with high levels of cholesterol in the blood, then this kind of products have to be included in the complex therapy - "Atorvastatin", "Lovastatin," "Simvastatin" and the like.