Combined oral contraceptives

There are several types of birth control pills.Combined oral contraceptives containing low doses of estrogen and progesterone, as a result of their actions the development of the egg is suppressed.Acceptance of such preparations begin on the first day monthly cycle.They need to drink every day at the same time that hormones are better absorbed by the body.

Combined oral agents have contraceptive effect is quite high - up to 99%.If necessary, they can provide a safe unplanned emergency contraception.In addition, they reduce the risk of mammary tumors, cysts, provide protection against ectopic pregnancy, avoid anemia, improve skin, nails and hair.These drugs are recommended for women with high levels of male hormones.

The disadvantages of combined
oral contraceptives include lack of protection from sexually transmitted diseases by.These drugs are not compatible with breastfeeding, epilepsy, diabetes, breast cancer.They increase the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels, increase blood clotting.Their contraceptive effect reduces the intake of certain medications, such as antibiotics. combined oral contraceptives can not miss, it increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

progestogens pill

Action progestin contraceptive pill (mini-pill) is based on their effect on the mucous membrane of the uterus, and the viscosity of cervical secretions.More thick secretion and looseness of the endometrium not allow the sperm to penetrate the egg, as well as prevent its attachment to the uterine wall.Effectiveness data slightly below contraceptives combined oral contraceptives, it is 95%.However, these drugs do not destroy the function of blood circulation and do not cause a risk of thrombosis. progestogens pill fit lactating women.

By cons progestin contraceptive pill is a high risk of ovarian cysts, the need to respect the exact mode of administration.If a woman has a predisposition to candidiasis, it can worsen the disease.The contraceptive effect of these drugs is reduced while taking TB drugs, anticonvulsants.

The effectiveness of birth control pills will depend on the characteristics of the organism, so a particular drug should consult a doctor.For proper selection of oral contraceptives a number of studies carried out in order to exclude pathologies.During the menstrual cycle, a woman must undergo twice pelvic ultrasound to assess the condition of the endometrium, the characteristics of ovulation.It is also recommended to consult a specialist and mammalogy perform breast ultrasound.In some cases, it can be assigned to a blood test for hormone levels.