you need
  • - unit-MUM 50 Edman;
  • - magnet 150-200 mT;
  • - Magnetic pitcher;
  • - water tank.
When magnetizing ordinary tap water, it becomes biologically active, water weight is reduced, so that there is still no adequate explanation.All impurities in the water and suspended matter from a variety of heavy metals, iron, lime and other give lees.By using this water in the kettle is formed a scum, and has already been formed just behind the wall and is e
asily removed.This property of a magnetic field are widely used in filters.For example, a magnetic filter for a washing machine can serve 5 years, and the unit does not need to add additional descaling.
In humans, dietary water is quickly absorbed rapidly through all the intracellular fluid that not only charges the body with vigor, but also restores the equilibrium of the entire intracellular system.
systematic reception of magnetized water gets rid of small stones and sand in the kidney, bladder, liver and bile ducts.It promotes the excretion of cholesterol and normalizes digestion and overall metabolism.It helps to cope with colds and viral infectious diseases, normalizes sleep, appetite and mood.It is recommended that its intake in diabetes, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, general weakness, fatigue.To ordinary water has found medicinal properties, it is necessary to properly prepare.
sale is a special device to magnetize water, called MUM-50 Edman.After the device is passed normal tap or filtered water instantly becomes a magnetic charge and becomes the active substance.
also possible to use permanent magnets 150-200 mT.For the magnetization of water is enough to put a container of clean water on the magnets for a few hours - from 10 to 24. It is also possible to adjust the polarity of the magnetized water pole N - north pole and S - south.Water charge with the South has a strong stimulating effect, so do not take it at night.North Pole acts as a soothing charge and helps to sleep well.
In addition to these instruments there are Chinese magnetic pitchers are poured in ordinary water and is magnetized in a few hours.
Take magnetic water need 200 g 5-6 times a day for a long time.Magnetized water retains its medicinal properties to 76 hours, after which you need to charge fresh water .