process of abortion for up to 8 weeks, inclusive, conducted with the use of special drugs called medical abortion.It is conducted in clinical conditions after gynecological consultation by taking pills: as a rule, "Postinor", "Mifegin", "Penkrafton" "Mifepristone", "Mifolian", "Mifepreks."

What is the process of abortion

Independently interrupt an unwanted pregnancy is impossible!Be sure to visit the gynecologist, who will examine appoint ultrasound will establish the term of pregnancy and, subject to the results of research, will select the best medication or assign them a set.

terminate a pregnancy using medication is simple: in a gynecologist's office, you can have a drink with the first pill mifepristone in structure (the "Postinor" active ingredient - levonorgestrel), causing detachment
of the ovum.And after the three-day (24-72 hours) - second tablet with the active agent misoprostol causes the uterus to contract and provoking a miscarriage.

Combining these components interrupt the pregnancy within 14 days (effectiveness of the method - up to 98%).When it comes to preparation "Misoprostol" 3 tablets to drink at the same time, their effect will be similar.In some cases (about 5%) receiving "misoprostol" in a dose may not cause a miscarriage, then you must come to the doctor who prescribed the drug again, or recommend another type of abortion, for example, a vacuum.

expulsion of the ovum may be accompanied by profuse bleeding, so the first 5:00 woman take a pill to abortion, should be under medical supervision.A little later (about 10-14 days) is necessary to pass visual inspection to make sure that the pregnancy is interrupted, the ovum came out completely, and the need for curettage of the uterus is absent.

recommendations and contraindications

tablets for abortion can drink women who have no contraindications to it.In particular, allergy medication prostaglandin group ("Mifepristone", "Misoprostol" and others), diseases that violate clotting, and are not suffering from severe anemia, acute diarrhea, dysfunction of the adrenal glands and kidneys, is not taking anticoagulants or corticosteroids.

important to remember that abortion pills are only shown to those women whose pregnancy is not ectopic, or no suspicion of it, and not lechivshimsya from diseases caused by inflammation of the sexual sphere, and not having uterine fibroids.

doctor will introduce you to the procedure of taking the pills, their sphere of action and side effects.In addition, the doctor is satisfied that there are no contraindications to the tablets, and the patient gives written consent for medical abortion.