learning about the occurrence of pregnancy, many women begin to rush to extremes: some run to the drugstore and buy up all the "good" drugs and medicines, while others refused to accept even the most harmlessvitamins.Which tablet should drink first pregnancy?
If you're good enough and diverse eat, you is no reason to buy special vitamins for pregnant women, they should be taken in the second and third trimesters.At the beginning of pregnancy, you can only drink vitamin E and folic acid.Vitamin E is indicated for the prevention of spontaneous abortion and for the proper development of the child.His second name "tocopherol" means "bearing offspring".It participates in the synthesis of the majority of hormones in your body.
Folic acid is responsible for the mental and physical developmen
t of the baby.Lack of this vitamin affects the well-being of women and their ability to nurturing.It is proved that the women who took folic acid in early pregnancy, less likely to suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, depression, intoxication disorders of the intestine.If you want to boost your immune system during viral infections, maintain healthy hair and nails, drink folic acid.
In addition, your doctor may prescribe you receive "Magne B6."Magnesium is involved in many biochemical reactions of the body, is responsible for the transmission of genetic information, and most importantly - reduces muscle tone of the uterus, skeletal muscle and other internal organs.Magnesium is known for its properties to relieve stress and reduce hyperexcitability of the nervous system.Therefore, you can safely take these pills in early pregnancy.
In the first trimester have greatly increased the need for iodine, and it is more than can be replenished using the drug "Jodomarin."Iodine is involved in the formation of thyroid hormones, which directly affect the proper development of a child's brain.Deficiency of this element in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage, no less terrible consequence of iodine deficiency is the development of the baby cretinism.Therefore, stop taking these tablets in early pregnancy is not necessary.
If you are threatened spontaneous abortion due to lack of the hormone progesterone, the doctor may prescribe pills "duphaston" or "utrozhestan."These drugs contain an analogue of the natural hormone progesterone and is perfectly safe for mother and fetus.In the future, your doctor may prescribe other medications and vitamins, depending on the state of your health and the baby's health.In any case, experts always consider the possible risks to the fetus in the appointment of a drug, so do not be afraid, it is better to rely opinion of the doctor, so you do not regret the omission.