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  • - preparation for pregnancy termination.
method of medical abortion has long been used in most countries.When receiving data, tablets eliminating complications that arise during surgery.These include damage to the uterine scarring, bleeding.The result of abortion may be the formation of infertility.And when a woman really wants to give birth, she just could not get pregnant.
have a medical abortion is less consequences.In most cases, women may experience nausea, vomiting, headache, menstrual disorders brief.There may be irritability and mood changes that are reversible.During the rejection of the ovum can be quite severe pain in the abdomen that can be cut short "ibuprofen", "Diclofenac".It is recommended to change the position of the body and pu
t a heating pad on the abdomen.
Preparations for the termination of early pregnancy is not a lot, they are combined into 2 groups: the antagonists of the progesterone receptor and analogues of prostaglandins.The first group includes "Mefipriston."It blocks progesterone receptors, due to lack of hormone ovum loses contact with the wall of the uterus detaches from it.All this is accompanied by a reduction in the opening of the uterus and cervix.Thus there is a semblance of menstruation, the ovum leaves, pregnancy is terminated.Mefipriston a part of such preparations as "Mifegin" "Mifepreks".
active ingredient of the second group of drugs for medical abortion is misoprostol."Cytotec" and "Artrotek" refers to analogs of prostaglandins.Misoprostol causes strong contraction of the walls of the uterus, this leads to a change in the endometrium.But the fertilized egg exfoliate only under the influence mefipristona.Therefore, these two agents during medical abortion used in one design.
to medical abortion was effective and did not cause a lot of adverse reactions, carried out his gynecologists.Previously the patient should be examined in the absence of contraindications to the drug.Receiving drugs should take place under medical supervision.Monitoring is carried out through 3-5 dneys ultrasound.