barley, according to statistics, about 85% of sick people.And quite often people suffer from it at the age of 35 to 55 years.Doctors say that the treatment of barley must be approached with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.

Often doctors recommend to treat barley sulfacetamide eye drops.The residents also often surprised when they hear such a recommendation, because traditionally believe that this drug treated mucosa eyes, not an eyelid.

Why Albucidum

Most of barley caused by Staphylococcus aureus.This bacterium, and therefore should be treated with antibacterial drugs eyes, one of which is sulfacetamide.

It is an excellent tool not only for treatment but also for prevention of various eye infections.Additionally, sulfacetamid
e helps relieve inflammation eye and returns to man's ability to see the good and get rid of the pain.
It should be noted that sometimes when backfilling Albucidum may feel tingling and burning sensations in the eyes.If it is not too pronounced, it is normal.Otherwise, should consult a doctor.

Naturally, independently appoint a treatment is not necessary, at the first sign of an eye infection are recommended to visit an ophthalmologist.Some experts argue that it is better to pass the pre-tests to determine the nature of infectious disease, and only then start treatment.

dripping Albucidum for the treatment of barley

To get rid of barley using Albucidum have to observe a treatment regimen.Doctors recommend drip Albucidum 4-6 times a day.The first drops applied directly to the skin to self inflammation.Then, 3-4 drops of an eyelid.To do this, gently move your fingers eyelid and drip medication.And you must try to get to the conjunctival sac, and not the eyeball.
Remember to thoroughly missed, the drug is distributed according to the infected area and began to act.But rub your eyes with your hands or handkerchiefs, napkins, etc.not worth it - spread the infection risk.

In parallel with this treatment and have to take pills orally.The preparation you should choose a doctor, so do not delay a visit to a specialist.

What can be done when the barley

When barley in any case it can not be squeezed out.Firstly, dirty hands (and they will still be dirty, because invisible germs and bacteria build up under the nails) - it is an additional source of infection.

Second, properly squeezed the pus can spread to the eye and cause even more fester.In complex cases, it may get into the blood, leading to contamination.

If barley fester, it can not be warm.This can lead to a breakthrough, and there again, abscess, infection and spread of the infection.