you need
  • - raw or dry filter bags;
  • - thermos;
  • - capacity;
  • - boiling;
  • - tablespoon;
  • - glass.
Take infusion or decoction of oregano in the nervous tension, insomnia, with poor digestion, edema, colds and bronchitis.You can also take oregano to treat rheumatism, epilepsy, in colitis and enterocolitis, as a choleretic and diaphoretic.You can use oregano for bathing if there are problems with the skin or as an external agent for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the skin after insect bites.
for use Prepare an infusion of oregano.To make it, pour into a thermos 4 tablespoons minced raw pour boiling
water, leave for 2 hours, strain, wring out, take half a cup 4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
to use broth pour 4 tablespoons chopped dry raw material in a container, pour 500 ml of boiling water, put in a water bath for 20 minutes, strain, wring out, bring the broth to the original volume.Take half a cup 4 times a day.
Instead of infusions and decoctions, you can brew tea from oregano.To make it, you can use dry raw materials or buy in the drugstore tea filter bags.Brew 2 teaspoons chopped raw or 1 tea bag in a glass of water, drink tea instead of honey or sugar.It turns out very tasty, fragrant and healthy tea.Eat it all year, and you'll forget what tension and insomnia, as well as get rid of chronic bronchitis and laryngitis.Decoction and infusion can give to relatives, if you want to help deal with those addicted to alcohol.Oregano has the property completely to stop the craving for alcoholic drinks.
For topical use infusion or decoction in the form of compresses, lotions or bath.Oregano helps to cope with small sores, cuts, reduce inflammation from insect bites.
not use oregano during pregnancy, as its composition has the ability to cause uterine contractions that can lead to miscarriage.More contraindications to oregano is found, but like any other plant material, oregano may cause allergic reactions in people who are prone to allergies.