¬ętetracycline ointment" is prescribed for barley (boils) eyes, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the outer eye shell), blepharitis (inflammation in the edges of the eyelids), trachoma (inflammation of the eyecausing loss of vision).The drug is used to treat other eye diseases of infectious origin caused by pathogens sensitive to tetracycline.Newborns' tetracycline ointment "is prescribed only in exceptional cases for the treatment of infectious lesions of the eye.Children older drug used for conjunctivitis, barley, blepharitis.Ointment with tetracycline can be used as an agent against acne.
mechanism of drug action is based on inhibition of the synthesis of specific complex between the ribosome and transfer RNA, which leads to suppression of the formation of protein."Tetracycline ointment" is a
ctive against gram-positive microflora (Clostridium listeria, staphylococcus actinomycetes), Gram-negative bacteria and enterobacteria.The drug is recommended in case of intolerance of penicillin."Tetracycline ointment" of the need to lay the lid every 2-4 hours.The duration of treatment is determined by your doctor.When pimples, acne, "the tetracycline ointment" is applied to the affected skin several times a day until they disappear.
¬ętetracycline ointment" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to tetracycline and related antibiotics (doksiiiklinu, oxytetracycline, etc.), Fungal diseases.With careful preparation is used in diseases of the kidney, leucopenia (low white blood cell count).Do not appoint "tetracycline ointment" during pregnancy, for children up to 8 years.With careful preparation is used for allergic reactions in history."Tetracycline ointment" generally well tolerated, in rare cases the following symptoms: nausea, stomatitis, glossitis, eating disorders, allergic reactions.
Sometimes, after applying the ointment is broken clarity of vision, it is a side effect passes a few minutes.Some developing photosensitivity - increased sensitivity of the skin to the action of sunlight.If you use eye ointment in children during the formation of the enamel of the teeth may darken due to the deposition of the active substance in the dentin.Prolonged therapy can cause the development of candidiasis.In identifying the sustainability of pathogenic microflora to the action of tetracycline is better to use other antibiotics.