brittle nails arises from the reduction of collagen in the nail platinum.Admission collagen-rich foods, and promotes the growth of nails.Containing silicon in vegetables helps the synthesis of collagen.Also for normal growth and nutrition necessary vitamins A, contained in butter, liver, carrots and fish oil.Vitamins are involved in protein metabolism.Calcium, which is a lot of dairy products, provides the hardness of the nail.Iodine and sulfur contribute to the growth and prevent inflammation.
vitamins and minerals provide all the necessary nutrients the body and affect the healthy looking nails.Doctors recommend taking a multivitamin "Vitrum", "Complivit", "Multi
maks" and "Multi-tabs."You can also take special pills with vitamin A capsules with vitamin B.
There are special pills "Merz", a vitamin complex designed to strengthen nails, hair shine and freshness of the skin.The composition of the pellets with vitamins C, A and E, which promote cell renewal of the skin and slow the aging process;Biotin is necessary for improving the structure and growth of brittle and weak nails;beta-carotene, L-cystine, helps strengthen and shine.Also, the auxiliary component is a special yeast extract, which provides targeted delivery of items."Merz" is used 1 tablet twice a day with water.
to strengthen nails with full power can only confine ourselves to taking calcium supplements.The most popular are tablets "Calcemin", "calcium gluconate", "Calcium D3Nikomed" and "kaltsid".
Chewable Tablets "Calcium-D3Nikomed" recommend taking adults and adolescents from 12 years: 1 tablet two - three times a day.The drug was well tolerated, in rare cases, there are side effects such as nausea, disorders stool, loss of appetite and abdominal pain.Perhaps the development of hypercalcemia.Most effectively nourishes nails and return them to healthy look dietary supplement "kaltsid."It is made on the basis of the eggshell.Course Length reception BUD is three - four weeks.Combination drug "Calcemin" regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism and fills the shortage of calcium and vitamin D3 in the body.I recommend taking the drug 1 tablet per day.