If you are using in recipes celandine traditional medicine, that strictly adhere to the recommended dosage and method of preparation of medicinal drugs.Prolonged use of celandine is also unacceptable because of the high activity of the active ingredients.If you are preparing the infusion, remember that single daily dose is no more than a teaspoon for an adult, which is always diluted in a glass of water.Drink gulp a solution can not be, this amount should be distributed throughout the day.Juice of celandine is necessary to measure the drops and often require water to breed.
fresh juice of celandine can be instilled into the nasal passages in the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx - it can get cracked stem of a plant.If you plan to use the juice of celandine insi
de for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, then a teaspoon of fresh juice must be diluted with boiled water (one cup).Juice of celandine is useful to lubricate the face, especially for acne and inflammation - apply it as a mask for a few minutes, then rinse with water.After the first few treatments irritation may increase, but later becomes less acne.Skin problems in the form of warts, eczema, fungal diseases, herpes and other violations of the integrity of the surface tissues, as sores are treated by rubbing the juice of celandine.The juice of the plant is easily absorbed and does not need fixing bandages - dries the skin celandine forms a thin protective film, preventing the penetration of bacteria into the tissues.
Infusion celandine cooked in a water bath by heating for a few minutes, after the Bay of dry or fresh grass boiling water.Infusion of celandine has a choleretic and laxative effects, can shoot pain, take it before a meal.Admission infusion should be done within one or two months - only in this case it is possible to achieve significant results.
Celandine often combined with other herbs: together with milfoil he copes with bronchitis, in combination with a three-colored violet treat psoriasis.
Alcohol extracts of celandine take the presence of cancer.