Despite the fact that the effectiveness of an aqueous solution gives an alcohol, it is widely used in folk medicine.Tinctures on alcohol contraindicated in children and pregnant women, as a form of aqueous propolis successfully applied and those and others.The poor solubility of propolis not an obstacle to the preparation of an aqueous solution , because when heating some of it still goes into the water.
Before preparing solution propolis to put in the freezer.On exposure to cold it becomes brittle, so it can easily be crushed on a grater.90 ml of distilled water required 10 g of propolis .Heat the water to 50 degrees and pour into a thermos.There also pour the crushe
d propolis and close the lid thermos.In order to obtain a clear yellow-green aqueous solution propolis required day.During this time, the water absorbs not only all the healing properties of propolis , but the delicious aroma of grass and kidneys.
Another way of preparing an aqueous solution draws its rapidity.Take the same amount of water and propolis , as in the previous recipe, and mix them.In a water bath, heat the mixture slowly to 80 degrees, then continue to maintain this temperature for 20 minutes.Do not forget to stir the solution for the entire cooking time.The filtered through cheesecloth, pour the mixture into an opaque container and store in the refrigerator no longer than a week.
solution prepared according to this recipe, will retain its healing properties within three months.Mix 50 mg of crushed grated propolis with 100 ml of warm water.Cover with a lid and simmer the mixture in a water bath for an hour, do not forget to stir occasionally.Strained solution is poured into a jar of dark glass.
If you ever prepared an alcohol tincture of propolis , you can use the remnants of dry matter.20 g of propolis mix with 80 ml of water, stirring, heat the mixture to 80 ° C in a water bath and maintain this temperature for 10 minutes.A method of storing this solution is the same as in the previous recipe: in a cool place in a bowl of dark glass.Use it should be no later than a month.