Healthy Eating

slender body and a healthy weight is not possible without proper nutrition, so if you want to lose weight, you definitely have to rethink your diet.Give up the habit to eat a large portion at a time, often to eat better, but gradually.

Do not eat on the run, while working at the computer and watching TV.Eat in a quiet environment, fully focused on the food, so you better feel the taste and will not eat too much.

Enter in your diet plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs, they contain a lot of fiber, essential for the normal functioning of the intestines.Avoid sausages, bacon, fatty m

eat, do not prepare food on animal fat.These products not only contribute to the emergence of excess weight, but also the formation of cholesterol plaques.

If you can not imagine your life without meat several times a week, eat cooked lean meat.A wonderful source of vitamins and minerals - boiled or steamed fish.

Do not give up desserts, just replace the usual cakes and chocolates dried fruit, fruit salads, fruit, homemade jellies and candy.In the morning drink natural fruit juices.

Once a week, spend fasting days, thanks to them, you would quickly metabolism, improve the digestive tract.For monodiets can use fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals.

exercise and beauty treatments

Return slender figure to help sports.Start the morning with a charge or energetic dancing to rhythmic music.During the day, try as much as possible to go on foot.Houses can exercise with dumbbells, do stretching, engage in a video tutorial.

If possible, 3-4 times a week to the gym.You can do Pilates, shaping, water aerobics, yoga practice.Excellent results are obtained Bodyflex respiratory system.

helps to lose weight and beauty treatments - body wraps, massages, baths fat burning, slimming masks.Do they need to be 2-3 times a week course 10-15 procedures.After every course you will notice that your silhouette became clearer, the skin is elastic, and the volume decreased by a couple of centimeters.